Upcoming Classes

Advance registration is required and is accepted on a first-come basis. Early registration is advised since courses may fill up or be canceled due to low enrollment. Members with sufficient voucher balance may register over the phone (617) 661-6900; all others must provide full payment at the time of registration. Schedules are subject to change so check this page often for updates.

Class Cancellation

Our classes are both excellent and in high demand so we enforce cancellation policies strictly. Students are only eligible for refunds of enrollment fees or credit notifying CCTV of your withdrawal from the class with 24 hours notice or more. Same day cancellations result in the forfeit of fees or credit and potential suspension from other class enrollments.

Class Title Cost Date
Instagram Stories for Businesses $0.00 Wed, Jan 22, 6:00PM
DSLRs 101 $45.00 Thu, Jan 23, 6:00PM
Intro to Podcasting $45.00 Sun, Jan 26, 4:00PM
Audio 101 $35.00 Mon, Jan 27, 6:00PM
Video Editing Lab! $0.00 Tue, Jan 28, 6:00PM
Photoshop Bootcamp $90.00 Wed, Jan 29, 6:00PM
Planning Your Podcast at Cambridge Public Library $0.00 Thu, Jan 30, 6:00PM
Field Cameras 101 $45.00 Thu, Jan 30, 6:00PM
Premiere Bootcamp $90.00 Sun, Feb 2, 6:00PM
Make Your Own Valentine Video at CCTV! $0.00 Tue, Feb 4, 6:00PM
Character Animation with After Effects $45.00 Thu, Feb 6, 6:00PM
The Theory of Music Scoring $90.00 Thu, Feb 6, 6:00PM
#SideHustle:How To Break Into Voice Acting $35.00 Sun, Feb 9, 4:00PM
Cinematography: Theory & Practice $90.00 Mon, Feb 10, 6:00PM
Making Engaging Social Media Videos for Businesses $0.00 Wed, Feb 12, 10:00AM
Intro to 360 Cameras $45.00 Tue, Feb 18, 6:00PM
Intro to 360 Video Editing $45.00 Wed, Feb 19, 6:00PM
Intro to Audio Editing with Audacity at Cambridge Public Library $0.00 Thu, Feb 20, 6:00PM
Intro to InDesign $35.00 Thu, Feb 20, 6:00PM
Build-A-Podcast $45.00 Sun, Feb 23, 6:00PM
Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits: Finding Your Organization’s Story $35.00 Mon, Feb 24, 10:00AM
Field Cameras 101 $45.00 Tue, Feb 25, 6:00PM
Beginning Studio Production $135.00 Thu, Feb 27, 6:00PM
Website Design with WordPress $90.00 Mon, Mar 2, 6:00PM
Building the Web: Intro to HTML $90.00 Tue, Mar 3, 6:00PM
Color Correction Crash Course $35.00 Tue, Mar 10, 6:00PM
Shopify for Businesses $35.00 Wed, Mar 11, 6:00PM
Build Your Own Virtual Reality: Intro to Unity $90.00 Sun, Mar 15, 6:00PM
Directing in the Studio $35.00 Mon, Mar 16, 6:00PM
Location Sound Recording for Fictional-Narrative Film and Documentary Productions $90.00 Tue, Mar 17, 6:00PM
Intro to Independent Filmmaking $90.00 Thu, Mar 19, 6:00PM
Present With Impact $35.00 Sun, Mar 22, 4:00PM
Video Editing Basics with Adobe Premiere at Cambridge Public Library $0.00 Tue, Mar 24, 6:00PM
Lighting 101 $35.00 Wed, Mar 25, 6:00PM
Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits: DIY Filming & Editing $35.00 Mon, Mar 30, 10:00AM
Documentary Production : Zip Docs $200.00 Mon, Mar 30, 6:00PM