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Laughing Out Loud in Our City

Laughing Out Loud in Our City

Feeling too serious these days? Check out some ways to roll down your sleeves, laugh it up, and hang with some fun-loving people and dogs!

We humans can be a serious lot, can’t we? Especially these days, whatever “these days” means. Aren’t all days “these days”? I suppose it means that, lately, we focus a lot on politics, petitions, and protests! All important things. But so is laughter, the best medicine. So it is disastrously important that we find a way to roll down our sleeves and laugh at ourselves, laugh together. Just laugh.

There are plenty of ways to go about laughing in Cambridge – ways that are generous of spirit, light and healthy, creative, and move oxygen in and CO2 out. Here are some ideas for Cambridge laughers:

1. Check out your local improvisation (aka, “improv”), stand-up, sketch comedy at ImprovBoston. (Central Square, Cambridge. Not in Boston at all.) ImprovBoston (IB) puts on shows most nights of the week, including weekends. IB also teaches classes on how to do improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy. So if you’ve been considering trying your hand at these creative ventures, IB is a super way to take the plunge. If you’d like to find out about work-exchange (also called “interning”) there at IB, in exchange for attending performances or taking classes, contact Josh:

2. Another improv option is the Cambridge Improv Incubator, which is part of the web-based system. This incubator takes place in Cambridge, usually at the Democracy Center, every Thursday, and guarantees fun, creative, silliness within a mixed group of old- and new-timers, variety of ages.

3. Consider creating your own gatherings of friends to engage in creative party games. We do this often at our house. We invite random friends from different parts of our lives and facilitate lots of different improv, creative games. (Here are some ideas for improve games to explore.) All you need to do is just set a date, contact a bunch of your friends, clean your toilet, open the door for them, give them some juice and munchies, and have some games planned. We’ve been pleased that even some of our grimmest friends (you know who you are) have thoroughly enjoyed, cut loose, and rolled out a kind of creativity I wouldn’t have expected from grimsters. If you have a lot of people driving in, you can apply for parking consideration href="</a>" title="Cambridge parking consideration"> with the city to allow more people to park in your area.

4. Watch dogs play with each other at any of Cambridge's many off-leash dog parks. Hilarious. Those free-running dogs! They frolic and chase each other and rush around, fooling each other, having wholesome fun. Dogs are loose and relaxed. They almost never interrupt their fun-having to check emails. When they do, it’s quick and dog-like:

From: Fuzzy-face
To: Smooth-face…
“Having a ball, literally. Wish you were here. Oh! Wait! You ARE here! And I’m chasing your butt!”

Dogs almost never interrupt their fun-having to check Facebook, either. But if they do, they immediately accept all friend requests without ruminating about whether it will make them look cool to accept a specific friend request, because they know you can never have too many friends whose butts they can chase.

So there you go, just a few places to laugh out loud with others around. And, of course, it’s A-OK to kick back and entertain yourself and laugh at what makes you guffaw all alone. One of my own personal favorites: Jack Handey. Here’s a gem from him:

“Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you'll be a mile from them, and you'll have their shoes.”