Host a Live Show

person in the studio filming a show

Hosting a live show on CCTV gives you a platform to express your views and share your passions in real time.

It helps you get comfortable on camera without having to worry about lighting setups, complicated editing software, or production quality (we got that part on lock).

We’ve been so glad to welcome hosts & producers back to the studio in-person, but many have discovered the joys of producing from home, and we’re fine with that too!

If you’d like to host your own show on CCTV, you’ll need to become a member first.

Once your show is approved, you’ll work with our Programming Manager to find a time slot. Get ready for your close up!


Hone your skills

CCTV offers the *best* Media Education programs around, from beginner studio classes to media editing workshops to producing your very own documentary that airs on CCTV.

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You are a part of this community, whether you’re in front of the camera (or behind the mic) or making it possible for someone else to be there.

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