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Jul 31, 2015 Watch new productions by CCTV members each week on Channel 9 Sundays at noon and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm. This week: Meet some of your Cantabrigian neighbors from faraway places in two episodes of You're From Where? by NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer. Birder, Birding, Birdwatcher is a mocumentary by CCTV staff member Sydney Sherrell,... more
Jul 24, 2015 On Channel 9 Sunday July 26 at 12pm, catch The Vexatious Vanishing Vaudeville Villainy, a "mystery play performance with sound effects." It's also scheduled to play on Friday July 31 at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesday July 28 at 1pm and Thursday July 30 at 9pm, with other recent programs to follow. Watch Bay State Forum with Barbara Anthony on Channel 8, Jul 28th, 8:30pm and July 30th, 1pm... more
Jul 16, 2015 The Boston League of Women Wrestlers (B.L.O.W.W.) proclaims that they "bring violence and loose morals back to rock ‘n roll." Naturally, members Barbara Noll and Greg Zukauskas wanted to know more. In Warrior Butterflies, Barbara and Greg produced a documentary about this crass, wild and no holds barred outfit. Don't miss this piece on Channel 96, Tuesday, Jul 21st at 1:11pm, and on Thursday,... more
Jul 10, 2015 This week, big changes are afoot on Channel 96, our channel for international, multilingual and religious programs. Thanks to a brand new satellite receiver installed at our studios, we have expanded programming from SCOLA, a nonprofit educational organization that receives and re-transmits TV programming from over 140 countries, in more than 170 languages. Here at CCTV, we'll now be airing... more
Jul 2, 2015 Happy Fourth of July, all you free speech loving Cantabrigians. Before heading out to see the fireworks on Saturday July 4th, celebrate the holiday with the most American of all media — public access TV. At noon on Channel 9, we'll be screening productions made by members about Independence Days past. What does it mean to be American? At 2:30pm on the fourth, explore this question through... more
Jun 29, 2015 The School Year Production Program is an after school media arts and work experience program, part of CCTV's Youth Media Program. Cambridge teens who participate in the program learn storytelling, camera, editing, lighting and audio skills, and they are paid to work as media artists, producing a variety of pieces exploring who they are, where they live, and what they believe in. Take a look at... more
Jun 18, 2015 This Saturday June 20th, Channel 9 is all about the Benjamins. At 12pm, watch Common Cents 2015, a financial education game show featuring 80 high school students from around Massachusetts, as they answer multiple choice questions about personal finance. Then, at 12:46pm, watch What is Money?, in which people around Cambridge discuss what money means to them. And, at 1pm, Money Matters... more
Jun 12, 2015 Cambridge Calendar, the best new source for things to do in and around Cambridge, gives you the rundown on all the best upcoming events in the city. In the first installment, you'll see an interview with Richard Harding of the Mens Health League's annual Hoops 'N' Health basketball tournament in June. You'll hear about MIT's Swapfest, the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center's Nina Simone tribute... more
Jun 6, 2015 Get pumped for River Fest on Saturday June 6 with a glance back at the 1990 festival, 25 years ago, on Channel 8 at 9:44am. Enjoy other River Festival-related footage on Channel 8 throughout the day, or get outside and enjoy the real thing at this year's event, 12-6pm on Mass Ave between Prospect and Sydney Streets. Make sure to stop by to say hello to CCTV staff at our booth outside our location... more
May 29, 2015 This week's Saturday marathon, May 30 on Channel 9, might have you off the couch and on your feet dancing. The lineup begins at noon with a series of short videos in which instructors from Central Square's Dance Complex introduce viewers to their course offerings, which range all the way from Sassy Hip Hop to Youth Flamenco. Then, at 1pm, you'll see scenes of Afro-Caribbean dance from Cambridge... more
May 21, 2015 This week CCTV is excited to introduce two new series to Channel 8 in Cambridge. Bay State Forum is a public affairs show about topics of interest around Massachusetts, moderated by Barbara Anthony. Issues under discussion will include healthcare, housing and business development, the MBTA, the prospect of Boston hosting the Olympics in 2024, and more. Anthony has served as Undersecretary of... more
May 14, 2015 Who needs Saturday morning cartoons when you've got Coloring Coorain? On Saturday, May 16th enter into Coorain Devin's shimmery, curious world. Coorain employs fierce green screening and some deeply on point wardrobe choices as they chat with local personalities about current ideas and trends. Catch their episode, Making Friends at 10:30am on Channel 8, and Art Openings, an episode on Sunday at 1... more
May 1, 2015 This week's Channel 9 Saturday Marathon features programming about Palestine. Saturday, May 2nd at noon, tune in to Channel 9 for Fragments of a Journey in Palestine. This program documents everyday life over the course of the filmmakers' two months in Palestine. Next up, watch Voices Beyond Walls, a media production program for Palestinian youth. Starting at 5pm, watch short productions from... more
Apr 23, 2015 Channel 9's weekly Saturday marathon brings you cooking shows all afternoon long. Tune in 12pm and after for even more culinary inspiration. Eat Well Be Happy, a cooking show series with Debra Stark airs weekly on Channel 8, Sundays at 5pm. After this week's episode, stay tuned for a marathon (5:30-8:30pm) of CCTV's classic series Cambridge Bites, where you'll visit some of the best spots to eat... more
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Mar 13, 2015 Program Highlights 3/16-3/22 The Folklorist Channel 8: Sunday, March 15 at 12pm Friday, March 20 at 9pm The Folklorist is NewTV's Emmy® Award-winning television series that offers a captivating look at the stories in history that have forever inspired us. Whether it's a tale of legendary lost cities, forgotten heroes, or hoaxes beyond belief, The Folklorist brings audiences back to each... more
Mar 6, 2015 MIT+K12 Science Out Loud marathon Channel 9: Saturday, 3/14 at 8:00pm Do you have a short attention span, but love learning about science and engineering? We thought so, nerds of Cambridge. You won’t want to miss this wild Saturday night marathon of Science Out Loud videos, produced by MIT+K12. Starting at 8pm, we’ll be airing: Equilibrium, and How it Shifts What is Soap? Space: So... more
Feb 20, 2015 Program Highlights 2/23-3/1 Museum Open House Jay Sugarman Channel 8: 2/23 at 9:30pm Museum lovers, this one is for you. Museum Open House takes an up close look at many of the varied and fascinating museums throughout Massachusetts. Come discover your next weekend trip, or enjoy learning something new about old favorites. Each program updates viewers on current and upcoming exhibits,... more
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Feb 13, 2015 Program Highlights 2/16-2/22 Filling The News Gap, Part Two: Oases In The News Desert Channel 8: 2/21 at 12:00pm In part two of ‘Filling The News Gap’, journalists discuss their experiences covering Cambridge, a virtual news desert left uncovered by daily newspapers, local commercial radio, and commercial television. Saul Tannenbaum, along with Robert Winters of the Cambridge Civic... more
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Feb 11, 2015 Program Highlights 2/9-2/15 Subcultures: A Local Comic Anthology Channel 9: 2/14 at 8:00pm Channel 8: 2/18 at 2:30pm Discover your new favorite graphic novelist in this collection of vivid, funny and revealing stories presented at Cambridge Public Library. An experience somewhere between sitting down to read a graphic novel and watching an animation, ‘Subcultures: A Local Comic... more
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Jan 29, 2015 New this Week The Wikiest Link Episode 2: 11:30PM on Jan 30th, 2015, 7:30pm on Feb 3rd, 9:00am on Feb 5th Inspired by the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon discovery, that Gregory Brothers video, a little known internet time waster, and that other famous game show, CCTV has undertaken a new game show entitled The Wikiest Link. If you have ever been at a party and looked up the answer to how... more
Jan 6, 2015 CCTV publishes weekly Programming Highlights to promote new material produced or sponsored by local members and Cambridge residents. Please visit our Television Schedule for the most updated info! DEBUTING THIS WEEK ON CCTV! MIT Presents: "Black Lives Matter" A community-based, solutions-oriented discussion on race featuring a panel of speakers from MIT including professors, deans, alumni... more