This Week on TV: Highlights Gallery

Dec 9, 2015 December is upon us. This Saturday on Channel 9, get acclimated with a veritable winter wonderland of programs: At noon and 7:30pm, catch a Winter Concert from the 2009 Community Youth Orchestra of Boston. At 1:20pm and 5:50pm watch a seasonal episode of Coloring Coorain — "XXX-Mas." Coorain puts the sexy back in Christmas with this holiday special, as he struggles to find the reason for the... more
Dec 2, 2015 New work by CCTV members airs each week on Channel 9, Sunday at noon and Friday at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm: This week, production intern Sara Meyers presents A Presidential Traverse, a GoPro-filmed hike through New Hampshire's white mountains. Sara has had a busy month — she also participated in a local film screening, Grrl Haus Cinema, in which she featured... more
Nov 25, 2015 This week, watch two new episodes in the Coloring Coorain series: In Sparkling in the Shadows Coorain interviews Maggie Cavallo and DEAD ART STAR, two major figures in Boston's underground scene. The pair discuss everything from #healthgoth to why they live in Boston. In Taking Time, our hero Coorain sits down with Sandrine Schaefer. Schaefer, an up and coming performance artist, talks about her... more
Nov 19, 2015 This weekend, ring in the season with a marathon of Thanksgiving programs on Channel 9, at noon and beginning again at 6pm: Thanksgiving Day football, the annual Thanksgiving festivities at Tavern in the Square, a Thanksgiving parade in Plymouth, and a Thanksgiving Day Special from Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shocker — New England's own local television horror show. If you miss Penny Dreadful on... more
Nov 12, 2015 New member productions play each week on Channel 9 Sunday at noon and Friday at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesday at 1pm and Thursday at 9pm. This week, check out Kristina Kehrer's NeighborMedia piece on Whole Foods' fundraising efforts for Cambridge School Volunteers, Maurice Wilkey's One Man's Journey in which Lee Jones talks about his life as an African American man living in the Boston area,... more
Nov 5, 2015 Hear from local seniors as they share stories about their remarkable lives. Legacies: A Journey through the Lives of Elders is a co-production between Cambridge Health Alliance and Somerville Community Access Television. The series premieres on CCTV on Channel 8: Monday 11/9 at 10am, Tuesday 11/10 at 5pm, and Thursday 11/12 at 2pm. Poetry Matters: A poetry reading by the Liberation Poetry... more
Oct 29, 2015 On All Hallow's Eve (this Saturday) get ready for spooky, scary programming all day long. Don't miss these superbly seasonal, creepy pieces: If you're awake in the dead of night, watch a marathon of the infamous local horror show Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers: 1am - 9am on Channel 8. On Channel 9, from Noon-1pm, and again from 7-8pm, catch 9 Scary Stories To Tell on TV: Nine local... more
Oct 23, 2015 Cambridge is definitely haunted — just ask Google. From Verna's Donuts to the Wadsworth House at Harvard, there are all sort of spooky things lurking in our fair city. Get a peek into some haunted places in Haunted Victorian Mansion Tour on Channel 96 on Wednesday, 10/28 at 9:36pm. We'll also be showing footage of Cambridge Halloweens past on Channel 96 every week night starting at 8:05pm. On... more
Oct 16, 2015 City Council and School Committee candidate debates and other election-related programming will run throughout the month of October on Channel 8. This week, the following programs are scheduled to air: → Ward 6 Democratic Candidate Forum: Saturday October 17, 4pm and Sunday October 18, 6pm → Cambridge Education Association School Committee Candidates Debate: Saturday October 17, 10pm; Sunday... more
Oct 7, 2015 New works made by CCTV's own members air each week on Channel 9, Sundays at noon and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm. This week: Hands Cambridge, in which participants of all ages, walks of life, and skill levels in the Cambridge community came together to learn and play one complete song on the piano. Next, watch Johnny Berosh's Variety Show: Johnny Berosh... more
Oct 2, 2015 November 3rd is election day in Cambridge. Vote smart and do your research on the candidates for the 2015 Cambridge Municipal Elections. City Council and School Committee candidates' profile videos are available on our channels and website starting this week. You can watch the profiles filmed at CCTV here or on Channel 8, Sundays 6-8pm, Tuesdays 6-8pm, and Thursdays 10am-12pm, starting this... more
Sep 23, 2015 This Saturday, 9/26 on Channel 9, things are going to get dreamy... At noon (12pm), watch an experimental short film by member Rock Louis, in which a man falls deep into his dream to a bizarre world of unreal circumstances. This film was made in our Media Training Program, in a class called Making the Digital Film. Check out more of CCTV's classes. Then, at 12:08pm, watch Scibotage, also by Rock... more
Sep 21, 2015 This week welcomes fall, with the autumnal equinox this Wednesday, 9/23. We're getting in the seasonal spirit with some spooky Halloween programs. On Tuesday, 9/22 just before 6am on Channel 9, watch last year's coverage of Halloween in Cambridge. CCTV took it to the streets to ask local kids hard hitting questions about their Halloween costumes and their favorite parts of trick or treating in... more
Sep 14, 2015 New video work by members airs each week on Channel 9 Sundays at noon (12pm) and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm. This week, tune in for several tours around our city: In La Vie, Wilgens Metelus, a graduate of the CCTV Youth Program, brings us by bike on his daily rides around the city. In Mount Auburn Walking Tour, follow along on one of the tours offered... more
Sep 3, 2015 Catch programming in honor of Labor Day this Monday, September 7th on Channel 8 at 9:30am, Channel 9 at 4pm, and Channel 96 at 8:05pm. Join us for Labor Talk, with discussions on workers' rights, as well as stories from NeighborMedia citizen journalists on worker demonstrations that have taken place within the city. On Friday this week, we'll be airing programs throughout the day in remembrance... more
Aug 31, 2015 Now She Lives with Someone Else, by member and NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer, was this year’s Hometown Media Award winner in the Underserved Voices category. The documentary explores the subject of adoption via the reunion of a biological mother and daughter. Watch this Monday, 8/31 on Channel 96 at 10:00pm. New Member Productions play each week on Channel 9 Sundays at noon and Fridays... more
Aug 25, 2015 Congratulations to CCTV Member Susan Chasen! Two of her films, What are Humans for? and Goodbye, Mr. Smith are screening this week at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival Aug 26th - Aug 29th. Visit for the screening lineup and to get tickets. Or, watch (these and other films of hers) on TV: On Channel 8 Sat. Aug. 22 at 3:30pm, Mon. Aug. 24 at 10pm, and Fri. Aug. 28 at 8am... more
Aug 10, 2015 Cambridge Broadband Matters is a new series, produced by Anne Schweiger and Cambridge Community Television, which will explore the relationship among people, public institutions, non-profit organizations, businesses, and broadband in Cambridge. This series will serve as an educational and community engagement companion to broadband planning and action already underway in Cambridge, including... more
Jul 31, 2015 Watch new productions by CCTV members each week on Channel 9 Sundays at noon and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm. This week: Meet some of your Cantabrigian neighbors from faraway places in two episodes of You're From Where? by NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer. Birder, Birding, Birdwatcher is a mocumentary by CCTV staff member Sydney Sherrell, in the... more
Jul 24, 2015 On Channel 9 Sunday July 26 at 12pm, catch The Vexatious Vanishing Vaudeville Villainy, a "mystery play performance with sound effects." It's also scheduled to play on Friday July 31 at 7pm, and on Channel 96 Tuesday July 28 at 1pm and Thursday July 30 at 9pm, with other recent programs to follow. Watch Bay State Forum with Barbara Anthony on Channel 8, Jul 28th, 8:30pm and July 30th, 1pm. This... more
Jul 16, 2015 The Boston League of Women Wrestlers (B.L.O.W.W.) proclaims that they "bring violence and loose morals back to rock ‘n roll." Naturally, members Barbara Noll and Greg Zukauskas wanted to know more. In Warrior Butterflies, Barbara and Greg produced a documentary about this crass, wild and no holds barred outfit. Don't miss this piece on Channel 96, Tuesday, Jul 21st at 1:11pm, and on Thursday,... more