Ella Greely, Jun 11, 2018
CCTV hosted PSA Day, where local organizations were able to come in and record segments to market their mission and upcoming events.
Ella Greely, Jun 1, 2018
Tune in to CCTV's Weekend Marathon featuring programs about the LGBTQ+ Community
Ella Greely, May 25, 2018
Catch some highlights of programming from the last 3 decades at CCTV!
Ella Greely, May 10, 2018
More staff produced content this week.
Ella Greely, May 10, 2018
Net Neutrality also on CCTV this week.
Ella Greely, May 7, 2018
Live programs you might've missed, new staff produced programs, and a breakdown of FAKE NEWS!
Ella Greely, Apr 30, 2018
A weekend Marathon on the local and world history!
Ella Greely, Apr 23, 2018
Wealth and Inequality on Conversations on the Edge
Ella Greely, Apr 3, 2018
Another great week of television here on CCTV!
Ella Greely, Mar 23, 2018
A look at a Cambridge musical gem in the performing arts scene.
Ella Greely, Mar 15, 2018
Tune in to CCTV Channel 9 this Tuesday for a special one time live appearance from producer Maia!
Ella Greely, Mar 12, 2018
Another great week of television here on CCTV!
Ella Greely, Mar 5, 2018
A discussion about the unnerving thoughts British Millennials have in facing the succession from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Charles, and how
Lily Bouvier, Feb 13, 2018
Thousands of women came together demonstrating with their presence their strength in society and protest against injustice.
Lily Bouvier, Feb 9, 2018
Thorns, live on CCTV's Channel 8 and on Facebook, February 14th at 7:30pm.
Lily Bouvier, Feb 1, 2018
Andrew Giustino produces a new monthly show promoting local artists and the work they make.
Lily Bouvier, Jan 25, 2018
Nasr is the host of the new series, 'New England Authors.'
Lily Bouvier, Jan 21, 2018
Live music performances from the 17th Annual Native American Music Music Awards
Lily Bouvier, Jan 11, 2018
Bermudez is considered one of the top DJs in the country - meet him this week on CCTV.
Lily Bouvier, Jan 7, 2018
Bridgeside Bars is a seriess of music videos produced by Aaron King
Lily Bouvier, Dec 30, 2017
Wells has spent 25 years as a female police officer on the Cambridge force.