This Week on TV: Highlights Gallery

May 5, 2016 Saturday, a marathon from noon till midnight and Sunday from noon till 4pm The program features a new piece, Touch Tank, by CCTV Producer Samantha Bruce, about a boy discovers an unexpected connection at the aquarium that brings him closer to his mother. Bruce’s short film will debut Saturday May 7 at 7:11pm, and will also play Sunday May 8 at 1:08pm and again Friday May 13 at 8:33pm. Other... more
Apr 28, 2016 Ever heard of sculpture racing? It's a multimedia art form, in which sculptures are pushed, pulled, or pedaled through a race course. People's Sculpture Racing organizes races in Cambridge each year, and CCTV Producer Rock Louis attended one such event to document: John Manson has a new installment of #whatImake, his series of short documentaries on people who make art and why they do it.... more
Apr 21, 2016 The red brick building at 120 Brookline Street that looks like a warehouse – painted with the bright orange letters EMF – used to be a factory that made motors (EMF stands for Electromotive force). Nowadays, it is home to a local radio station, called WEMF. Meet Dave Crespo, owner of the now two-year-old radio station, and local rock writer and DJ at WEMF Sleazegrinder, aka Ken McIntyre, in a new... more
Apr 14, 2016 Look for CCTV’s new Cambridge Local Issues and Events block on Channel 8, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 5-7pm. Curated by CCTV, it will feature the latest CCTV-produced content on issues pertinent to the community as well as other Cambridge-centric videos. Programming this week will include new episodes of the CCTV-produced series Bay State Forum, Cambridge Broadband Matters,... more
Apr 7, 2016 CCTV's Primetime! Beginning Studio course gets students started with using CCTV’s full production studio. The most recent shoot debuts this week. Produced by CCTV members Tanina Carrabotta, Boris Masis, Jaleel Ali Muhammad, Sydney Sherrell, Jennifer Ventura, Lars Wicklund, and Nick Perry, the show features live music and an interview with local band And Then There Was One. On Channel 9,... more
Mar 31, 2016 Saturday, all afternoon and evening on Channel 9: At 12pm Ice Cowboys: learn about the sport of equestrian skijoring in this new documentary from Durango, Colorado producer Matt Crossett. (If you miss the Saturday debut, Ice Cowboys will also play throughout the week on Channel 8 Sunday 4/3 at 10pm, Tuesday 4/5 at 7:40pm, and Wednesday 4/6 and Thursday 4/7 at 2pm). At 1:30pm, opening day... more
Mar 24, 2016 Saturday, starting at noon: CCTV's Cambridge Bites series profiles spots in the city with best bites to eat. In our newest episode, take a trip to The Druid in Inman Square, a cozy spot known for its Irish pub fare and live music. Directly following, past installments of the show will travel to Central Square’s Veggie Galaxy, to the Greek Corner in North Cambridge, and beyond. Cambridge Bites... more
Mar 17, 2016 Documentaries all day Saturday on Channel 9 from the Link TV Network, including: We Are Half of Iran's Population: "Three months before presidential elections in Iran, Iranian women's rights activists -- consisting of a vast spectrum of different points of view from religious to secular and ordinary women -- are filmed posing their questions to the ten candidates and three of them discuss their... more
Mar 10, 2016 This Saturday March 12 on Channel 9, noon till midnight: The marathon kicks off with Global Change: Reading Ocean Fossils, a new program produced in part by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in which paleobiologist Brian Huber specializes in tiny organisms that are great indicators of global changes. Journey with him from Antarctica to Tanzania to find out how forams can tell... more
Mar 3, 2016 A whole lineup of programs this week, honoring strong women of Cambridge and beyond: Juliette and Romeo – A female-centered take on Shakespeare's famous drama by the Momentum Theatre Troupe, performed at Cambridge's Sennott Park in August of 2014. On Channel 9 Saturday 3/5 at 12pm, and on Channel 8 Sunday 3/6 and Tuesday 3/8 at 10pm. The Edge of Each Other’s Battles: The Vision of Audre Lorde... more
Feb 24, 2016 Pinkwashing Exposed, Seattle Fights Back!: For over a decade, the Israeli government has been engaged in the “Brand Israel” campaign, aimed to portray Israel as “relevant and modern," including as a gay-friendly tourism destination. The message relies on stereotypes of its "homophobic" neighbors, particularly portraying Palestinians as such. In this documentary by Dean Spade, learn how queer and... more
Feb 18, 2016 11am-1pm: From Block Starz Media, three documentaries: In The Hour of Chaos, on the life and times of MLK Senior. Oscar Micheaux, on the Czar of Black Hollywood. And Profiles of African American Success, on 10 African American entrepreneurs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Then, get more local with Justice or Else, a speech at a rally in Hyde Park commemorating the 20th anniversary of... more
Feb 11, 2016 This Valentine’s Day, CCTV presents a love-themed marathon from the CCTV archives. On Channel 9 Saturday Feb. 13 noon-midnight and on Channel 8 Sunday Feb. 14 6pm-midnight: A tour of Somerville's own chocolate factory, stories on love from Brother Blue, productions on love and relationships by CCTV members past and present, and Valentine shout-outs from decades past. Who was your Valentine, circa... more
Feb 4, 2016 On Channel 9 Saturday Feb. 6, noon till midnight: The program begins with a new series from Washington DC's National Gallery of Art on American artists of the nineteenth century. Learn about John James Audobon and The Birds of America, impressionist William Merritt Chase at Shinnecock, The Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church, Winslow Homer, Thomas "Yellowstone" Moran, John F. Peto and the Idea of... more
Jan 28, 2016 If you find yourself at home on the couch this Saturday or Sunday evening, you are in for some fantastic, freaky fun. Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers is "New England's Most HEXellent Horror Program," in which Penny Dreadful and the gang bring you spooky entertainment classic horror movies from the not-so Golden Age of Terror. The debut episode in the show's... more
Jan 22, 2016 Noon - 4pm, tales from Cambridge's beloved Brother Blue. Then, Story Slam competitions — city and state-wide, 4-10pm. The night will wrap up with 9 Scary Stories To Tell on TV, a production in which nine local storytellers get together at the CCTV studio to tell fantastic tales of horror, mystery and intrigue in observance of Halloween this past October. Live stream here. If you miss the show on... more
Jan 15, 2016 In the Hour of Chaos is a new documentary from Block Starz Media, which documents the life and times of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. (1899-1984) and the King family history. Catch the first showings of Part One of the production — Part Two will follow later this year. On Saturday Jan. 16, 11am on Channel 9, 6pm on Channel 8, and 11pm on Channel 96. And on Monday Jan. 18, 12am on Channel 9... more
Jan 7, 2016 This Saturday's Channel 9 marathon (noon-midnight) is inspired by our friends at the Charles River Conservancy. The Lynch Family Skatepark, a project spearheaded by the CRC, opened on Saturday, November 14th with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting. Master of Ceremonies and skateboarding pro Andy MacDonald hosted the event with speakers including Mayor of Boston Martin Walsh, Vans Vice President of... more
Dec 31, 2015 This Saturday afternoon, noon to midnight on Channel 9, local stories of migration: Cambridge City of Opportunity is a new video from producer Odai Nakawa of CCTV's Youth Media Program. He introduces us to some of his CRLS student peers who come from places outside of Cambridge. Hear what they have to say about their experiences living in Cambridge. (Nakawa's video will also air with new member-... more
Dec 23, 2015 (As you sit by the fire this Christmas Eve and -Day, tune in to CCTV for some spunky Holiday Specials the whole family will enjoy.) When Christmas is over, the CCTV holiday celebrations go on: A Kwanzaa Celebration from children in the 2008 King Community School sing, chant, dance, and play African drums for this short Kwanzaa celebration performance. On Saturday 12/26 Channel 9 at midnight,... more
Dec 17, 2015 As you sit by the fire this Christmas Eve and -Day, tune in to CCTV for some spunky Holiday Specials the whole family will enjoy. Including: Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shocker—New England's own local television horror show is back from a brief hiatus after the Halloween season, this time with a Christmas Special. Featuring the famous 1964 film, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians." Also, an XXXMas... more