This Week on TV: Highlights Gallery

Sep 26, 2016 Watch Live Monday night at 8:30-11:30pm on Channel 9. Keep up with CCTV's weekly highlights for future debate broadcasts. This weekend, a comedy marathon Fun and laughs is the theme this weekend. Tune in for comedic shorts, stand-up routines, improv, burlesque, and more. Friday Sept. 30 6-9pm, Saturday Oct. 1 noon-midnight, and Sunday Oct. 2 12-4pm. Highlights include: Friday 6-9pm, Juice Rap... more
Sep 19, 2016 New this week to CCTV Channel 8, The MCAN Power Half-Hour Series The Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) is a statewide organization that coordinates the work of locally organized groups across Massachusetts fighting the climate crisis. Check out what they are doing and join them! Watch Mondays at 9:30pm and Thursdays at 4:30pm on Channel 8. Produced regularly out of CCTV's Live Studio... more
Sep 12, 2016 They've had their say - Now is the time to have yours This year for #ParkingDay, Cambridge Community Television and its citizen journalism team at will be hosting a mock presidential debate stage with three podiums: One for a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton, one for a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump, and one that is left for YOU, the people! Come take a spot at the center... more
Sep 6, 2016 Watch footage from Carnival Celebrations of years past: On Channel 96, Sat. Sept. 10 9-11am, 5-6pm, 7-9pm and 11pm-midnight and Sun. Sept. 11 9-10am and 9pm-midnight. What's New on the Channels? The Newest Videos made by CCTV Members play each week on Channel 8: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 7pm and Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am. Tune for a totally unpredictable mashup on content, and to... more
Aug 29, 2016 On Channel 9 this weekend, a marathon of cartoons, comics and animation. Friday 6-9pm, Saturday noon-midnight, and Sunday 12-4:30pm, programs will include: Vernon E. Grant Day: A recent celebration to honor Cambridge native Vernon E. Grant for his contributions to the world of cartooning. Vernon was a U.S. Army Captain and lifelong cartoonist. He created two Point-Man Palmer novels, STAND-BY... more
Aug 22, 2016 This weekend's Channel 9 marathon is dedicated to the realm of visual arts: Art Showdown is an artist-centric game show styled after the wild west, produced right here in Central Square, Cambridge. Catch a few episodes of the series, Fri. Aug. 26, 6-7:30pm. The Art Gallery at CCTV has been host to many exhibits over the years. Watch a series of short features on some of the artists who have... more
Aug 15, 2016 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 19-21, the program includes: A reading and discussion with author Junot Diaz after the release of his book The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao, Fri. Aug. 19 at 6:10pm, Sat. Aug. 20 at 5:10pm, and Sun. Aug. 21 at 3:20pm. Poetry Festival readings in the heart of Central Square, Fri. Aug. 19 at 6:50pm. Women who took part in the Student Nonviolent... more
Aug 7, 2016 CCTV’s ZipDocs Beginning Documentary Production Class this month visited the Central Square Theater. Watch interviews with staff and learn more about the work they do. This and other New Member Productions, on Channel 8 Tuesday and Sunday starting at 7pm and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday starting at 11am. On Channel 9, Theatrical Productions all weekend long The ZipDocs mini-documentary... more
Aug 1, 2016 Two rousing Candidate Debates last week, co-hosted by Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) and Somerville Community Television (SCATV) Watch the discourse between candidates for State Representative incumbent Timothy Toomey and challenger Mike Connolly, and between candidates for State Senate incumbent Patricia Jehlen and challenger Leland Cheung, and find out where they stand on the issues... more
Jul 25, 2016 In the Hour of Chaos is a 2016 American documentary drama produced by Block Starz Media, written and directed by Bayer Mack. The film tells the story of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. - “Daddy King” - who rose from an impoverished childhood in the violent backwoods of Georgia to become patriarch of one of the most famous – and tragedy-plagued – families in history. Debuting this week on... more
Jul 18, 2016 Democracy Now! will be featuring live coverage from inside and outside the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, at the RNC Monday - Friday July 18-22 and the DNC Monday - Friday July 25-29. CCTV’s regular Democracy Now! broadcasts will play as usual on Channel 9, Monday through Friday at 8am, 12pm, and 9pm. An extra hour of DN! - “Breaking With Convention” - will follow the regular... more
Jul 12, 2016 On Monday, June 14th, Cambridge officials held a vigil to honor the victims of the Orlando shootings and show support to those impacted by it. For those who were not able to attend, CCTV will show footage from the event on Channel 8 this Wednesday July 13 and Friday July 15 at 6pm. Violence is a topic at the forefront of all of our minds these days. Programs on police violence, gun violence... more
Jul 5, 2016 Programming on Channel 9 this Friday July 8 6-9pm, Saturday July 9 noon-midnight, and Sunday July 10 noon-4pm will include: Tai Chi lessons from Master Heg Robinson of the Roxbury Tai Chi Academy. Introductions to the alternative healing practices of Reiki and Chiropractic. Discussions on Food Justice and Mens' Health and Racial Disparities in Cambridge led by CCTV’s NeighborMedia... more
Jun 27, 2016 On Channel 9 Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 12pm-midnight, and Sunday 12-4pm, the program includes: Classic American Bluegrass banjo and ukulele music from local producer Al Marotta, Friday 6-9pm. Don't Drink the Water: A song and video about the current water crisis in Flint, Michigan: Saturday at 1:23pm and Sunday at 4:20pm. Tasting History: Meet Jesus Garcia and learn about his daily life on... more
Jun 21, 2016 Colores Latinos es un nuevo programa en el canal 96. Está producido mensualmente aquí en Massachusetts para educar e informar a la comunidad Latin@ sobre programas de salud, programas educativos, eventos culturales, y más. A partir de el 23 de junio, se puede ver todos los jueves a las 21h, y los sabados a la 11h. Colores Latinos is a new series on Channel 96. Episodes in Spanish are produced... more
Jun 13, 2016 Featuring shorts from CCTV's Youth Production Program Saturday June 18, 7:20-8pm and Sunday June 19, 3:55-4:20pm on Channel 9, including: A Hero In Disguise, a film by Ranea Riley-Walker on her relationship with her stepfather. Man To Media, a documentary focusing on college student Luis Vasquez and his journey to becoming a journalist, with his father as a role model. Produced by Daniela... more
Jun 7, 2016 To celebrate, a retrospective on CCTV Channel 9, Saturday 6:30-10pm: First, a Domestic Partnership Rally at City Hall in March of 2000, followed by Mass Matrimony, coverage of the first marriage licenses given out to same sex couples at Cambridge City Hall in May 2004. Then, Seven Years of Marriage, a 2011 celebration in honor of city clerk Margaret Drury, and Supreme Court Marriage Equality... more
May 30, 2016 The tour celebrates Goodman's 20 years of the daily, independent, global TV/Radio news hour It also marks the release of her most recent book, Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America. Amy and her brother David Goodman, co-author of the book, talked about the most pressing issues facing our democracy today, including the 2016 presidential election, and reflected on the... more
May 23, 2016 About 50 Live programs are broadcast each week from our studio at 438 Mass Ave., on a diverse mixture of topics, issues, personalities, and content. Shows may involve discussion, music, videos, pictures, and/or anything else you, as producer, dream up! CCTV's Live shows take place Sundays 4:30pm - 9pm, Mondays through Thursdays 1pm - 9pm; and Fridays 1pm - 6pm. All shows are broadcast on Comcast... more
May 19, 2016 Science for the Public is a grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage public understanding of, and appreciation for, science. The program aims to make accessible the best information in many areas of science and engineering and features a variety of Boston-area scientists doing presentations and interviews regarding a diversity of topics as a public service. CCTV will be... more
May 12, 2016 CCTV is showcasing films this week from the Boston Palestine Film Festival. Watch Letters from Al Yarmouk: Director Rashid Mashawari spent eight months in 2014 Skyping with Palestinians trapped in al-Yarmouk, the besieged Palestinian refugee camp outside Damascus, Syria. On Channel 8, Sun. May 15 and Tues. May 17 at 9pm, Weds. May 18 at midnight, and Thurs. May 19 and Fri. May 20 at 10am. And... more