Programming Highlights: Wed, Aug 13 - Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Programming Highlights: Wed, Aug 13 - Tue, Aug 19, 2014

FEATURING: The Hi-Tone Ramblers, The 1948 Berlin Airlift, NEW Shorts, Movie Of The Week, Longfellow Community School Recital & A NEW Series

  • Posted on: 15 August 2014
  • By: Chris

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Goober County Jamboree: Hi-Tone Ramblers
A musical performance by The Hi-Tone Ramblers, a band inspired by American roots music that plays a melting pot of Anglo and African-rooted songs, rhythms, blues and old-time fiddle and banjo tunes. Produced by Al Marotta.
Ch. 8 - Premiering this week: Sat 5:30 PM, Sun 7:30 PM & Tue 10:30 AM

The Story Behind the 1948 Berlin Airlift
The Berlin Airlift which kept a city alive with food, coal, and other supplies for almost year has been described as the greatest achievement in the history of peacetime aviation. Four-star retired U.S. Air Force General Walter Kross, who himself commanded the U.S. military transportation system decades later, compellingly describes how the Berlin Airlift took off from the Westover Field in Chicopee, Massachusetts, how post-World War II politics set the context, and the people who made it succeed. Produced by Ted Rybeck.
Ch. 8 - Premiering this week: Sat 6 PM, Sun 7 PM & Tue 8 AM

NEW Local Shorts
Every week, CCTV runs new short programs in an unstoppable block of entertainment! Tune in to Ch. 8 every Sunday @ 5 PM & every Tuesday @ 6 PM for a chance to laugh, cry, learn, and be inspired! This week's NEW shorts:

  • Now She Lives With Someone Else, a personal and insightful look at the universal subject of adoption via the reunion of a biological mother and daughter. Produced by Kristina Kehrer.
  • Social Media for Local Business, an easy to understand tutorial that walks the viewer through how social media can support a local in getting found and engaging with its community of customers and prospective customers. The tutorial uses the example of a diner and contrasts how outreach and engagement was typically done prior to social media and how the evolving range of social media channels fill those roles today. Produced by Ted Rybeck.

MA Gubernational Roundtable 2014: Jeff McCormick
From January through March, Suffolk University's Rappaport Center held roundtables with each of the nine declared candidates in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial race. In each episode, the candidates gave brief remarks, followed by Q&A and discussion. In this episode, From January through March, Suffolk University's Rappaport Center held roundtables with each of the nine declared candidates in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial race. In each episode, the candidates gave brief remarks, followed by Q&A and discussion. In this episode, Jeff McCormick says that he’s invested 25 years in spurring job creation through his venture capital firm Saturn Partners and, despite his never having served in public office, this private-sector experience would spark value and economic growth for the Bay State. Produced by Suffolk University.
Ch. 8 - Premiering this week: Sun 8 PM

Movie Of The Week: "Isle Of Destiny"
In this classic adventure drama, society glamor girl and aviatrix Virginia Allerton decides to alter her around-the-world flight by stopping off on the Pacific isle of Palo Pango where her brother, Lieutenant Allerton is stationed with the U.S. Marines. Her trip gets even more complicated when she is baited into a trap involving gun smuggling and ends up wrecked on another island...
Ch. 9 - Sat 9 PM

Longfellow Community School Recital 2014
The 2014 Longfellow Neighborhood Council and Community School recital featuring performers of all ages playing a variety of instruments. Produced by Bishawjit Saha.
Ch. 96 - Premiering this week: Sat 5 PM & Mon 8 PM

NEW SERIES! - Beauty For Ashes
Beauty for Ashes is a faith-based interview and teaching show focusing on positive truths that bring spiritual healing into the lives of those listening. Produced by Gemma Wenger
Ch. 96 - Premiering this week: Sundays @ 10 PM & Mondays @ 10:30 AM


MIT Presents: "Principles of Chemical Science"
This program provides an introduction to the chemistry of biological, inorganic, and organic molecules. The emphasis is on basic principles of atomic and molecular electronic structure, thermodynamics, acid-base and redox equilibria, chemical kinetics, and catalysis. Produced by MIT.
Ch. 8 - Showing this week: Fri 7 PM & Sat 8 AM

NEW SERIES! - Science for the Public
Science for the Public is a grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage public understanding of, and appreciation for, science. This program aims to make accessible the best information in many areas of science and engineering and features a variety of Boston-area scientists doing presentations and interviews regarding a diversity of topics as a public service. Produced by Science For The Public.
Ch. 8 - Showing weekly: Fridays @ 8 PM & Mondays @ 8 AM

Peace Rally & Vigil: Keep Peace in the Neighborhoods of Cambridge
The pastors and congregation of Cambridge Black Pastor's Alliance gathered at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 9th to pray and rally on the streets of Cambridge in the aftermath of the shooting of Area IV resident, Kensley David. The Cambridge Black Pastor Alliance says: "It is time for our community to move from a space of grief and mourning to commitment and determination that Cambridge will not become a war zone where the armies of hopelessness and purposelessness do battle on our streets." Produced by CCTV.
Ch. 9 - Showing this week: Fri 8 PM, Sat 5 PM & Sun 2 PM

NEW SERIES! - US Tzu Chi 360
USTzuChi360 is a program aiming to document the full scope of the American Tzu Chi experience and to encourage and empower those who watch it. It features people from many different races, religions, and experiences meeting and interacting, but its stories clearly show that love and compassion is universal. Produced by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation.
Ch. 96 - Showing weekly: Sundays @ 8 PM & Tuesdays @ 11 AM

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