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Programming Highlights: Wed, Mar 12 - Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Programming Highlights: Wed, Mar 12 - Tue, Mar 18, 2014

FEATURING: School Year Production Program Video Profiles, I Have A Dream, Movie Of The Week & BANE Thank You Party

  • Posted on: 11 March 2014
  • By: Chris

CCTV publishes weekly Programming Highlights to promote new material produced or sponsored by local members and Cambridge residents. Please visit our Television Schedule for the most updated info!


School Year Production Program Presents: Video Profiles
The youth in the Spring 2014 School Year Production Program present these short video narratives of friends, relatives, and loved ones in their lives that they look up to, respect, and admire. These loving and diverse videos include multicultural perspectives, unique imagery, studio interviews, and performances that will be shown together in blocks starting this Saturday! Produced by the School Year Production Program.
Ch. 8 - Premiering: Sat 3 PM, Sun 6 PM & Tue 7 PM

I Have A Dream
A theatrical experience, hosted by Toni Bee and presented by the Citi Performing Arts Center, that includes performances of poetry, spoken word, and storytelling in honor of Black History Month.
Ch. 9 - Premiering this week: Fri 6 PM, Sat 8 PM & Sun 1:30 PM

Movie Of The Week: "Angel and the Badman"
In this classic Western romance, John Wayne stars as Quirt Evens, a criminal and all-around bad guy, who is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth, a kind-hearted Quaker girl. After realizing he has feelings for her, he eventually finds himself having to choose between the dark world he is used to or the loving moral world Penelope lives by.
Ch. 9 - Sat 9 PM

Bangladesh Association of New England Thank You Party
An event featuring the Bangladesh Association of New England Executive Committee giving thanks and recognition to the community members who elected them and have supported the organization. Produced by Bishawjit Saha.
Ch. 96 - Premiering this week: Sun 7 PM & Tue 10 AM


NEW SERIES! - MIT Presents
On Fridays, CCTV will be airing a new MIT program every other week to showcase all that MIT has to offer including: informative lectures, high profile guest speakers, scientific demonstrations, events, and more!
This Week: "A Volume Control for the Sense of Smell"
Rachel Wilson, Associate Professor of Neurobiology at the Harvard Medical School, presents a symposium on her research regarding sensory smell. Hosted by McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT.
Ch. 8 - Showing: Fri 7 PM & Sat 8 AM

Liquid Sun
A mini-documentary including interviews with and a performance by the teen rock band "Liquid Sun" at the School of Grove in Cambridge, MA. Produced by Kristina Kehrer.
Ch. 9 - Showing this week: Wed 2:30 PM, Thu 8:30 AM, Fri 10 PM, Sat 6 PM, Sun 7:30 PM, Mon 10:30 AM & Tue 9:30 PM

Killa City Vlog (EXPLICIT)
Denver artist Killa City shoots a vlog about his upcoming mixtape "Keys To Da City". Produced by Remi Jones. (NOTE: May contain language or subject matter not suitable for minors.)
Ch. 8 - Showing this week: Mon 1:35 AM, Fri 12:05 AM, Sun 2:05 AM & Mon 1:05 AM

NEW Local Shorts
Every week, CCTV runs new short programs in an unstoppable block of entertainment! Tune in to Ch. 8 every Sunday @ 5 PM & Tuesday @ 6 PM for a chance to laugh, cry, learn, and be inspired! This week's NEW shorts:

  • Thy Nature: True Essence of Beauty, a lovely and peaceful montage depicting various images of nature and the outdoors to showcase the beauty, wildlife, and how nature can look peaceful and quiet no matter the season. Produced by Rock Louis.
  • Harvest Food Pantry: Hunger in Our Community Trailer, a trailer for the upcoming documentary "Harvest Food Pantry: Hunger in Our Community", which will take a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of the Harvest Food Pantry including how and why many volunteers get involved, where food comes from, how food is delivered, how the pantry operates logistically, and how many people it actually takes to make the organization successful. Produced by Joan Squeri.
  • Climate Change Action in Cambridge, a trailer for an upcoming program exploring climate change programs, policies, partnerships, and initiatives by government, non-profit, academic, and private sector organizations in and around Cambridge. Produced by Andrew Vitvitsky.

NEW TIME! - BeLive: True Art and Architecture
Host George Kelso discusses and showcases various architectural projects and artwork.
Ch. 9 - New Weekly Time: Mondays @ 6 PM

NEW SERIES! - BeLive: Let's Talk About It
In this new weekly series, host Bryan Frazier will discuss current events, issues people need help with, services available to those in need, personal connections with others, where the mature crowd can go out and enjoy themselves, welcome call-ins, and interview a variety of guests.
Ch. 9 - Mondays @ 8 PM

To find out what's on today or to search for specific programs, please visit our Programming Schedule and use the search engine! You can also watch the Live stream of each of our channels: Channel 8, Channel 9, and Channel 96. Please contact CCTV's Programming Coordinator, Chris Lawn, for any questions or comments.

See you next week!