This Week on TV: Highlights Gallery

Oct 30, 2018 New on CCTV Channel 8 this week! New From our Members CCTV Primetime! Beginning Studio Production Presents : Jeb Bush Orchestra from Cambridge Community Television on Vimeo. Beginning Studio Productions: Jeb Bush Orchestra Produced by the students in attendance of Beginning Studio Productions Tue/Thu/Sun @ 7PM Wed/Fri at 11AM Good News Minute #3 A news show about recent events in clean energy... more
Oct 22, 2018 Programs on CCTV This Week! New Member Produced Programming Basket Starfish - Our Language CORE Sarah Chiu Power Point and photo lectures to explain a new language theory and tell stories from the prospective of a female traveler from the East. Thu 10/5 @ 7PM, Sun 10/28 @ 7PM Wed 10/24 @ 11AM, Fri 10/27 @ 11AM Conversations That Change Maya Valentine A conversation with Activist Scholar Andrew... more
Aug 28, 2018 PREPARATION FOR THE SEPTEMBER 4TH PRIMARY!!! Greater Somerville Interviews Produced by Somerville Media Center Jay Gonzalez Tuesday 8/28 @ 4:15PM, Thursday 8/30 @ 6:30AM, Sunday 9/2 @ 6AM Michael Capuano Wednesday 8/29 @ 6AM, Friday 8/31 @ 6:30AM, Saturday 9/1 @ 4PM Bob Massie Wednesday 8/29 @ 6:30AM, Thursday 8/30 @ 6AM, Saturday @ 4:30PM Jimmy Tingle Speech from MA Democratic Convention Tuesday... more
Aug 6, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Protest - The EMF Kids Wont Back Down by Kristina Kehrer Protest day in Harvard Square- EMF Artist Protest Eviction Tue/Thu/Sun 7PM & Wed/Fri 11AM You're Probably Racist, Episode 2: "The Matrix" byPeter Septoff Local Comedians Sam Ike and Kenice Mobley hilariously review the racial stereotypes in the hit movie, "The Matrix" Tue/Thu/Sun 7:... more
Jul 30, 2018 Middlesex County District Attorney & Governor's Council Candidate Debate Produced by Arlington Community Media WATCH: On Channel 8 Tuesday 7/31 11AM Wednesday 8/1 5PM Thursday 8/2 11AM Friday 8/3 5PM Do you know who is the most powerful person in the Massachusetts criminal legal system? According to Rahsaan Hall, Director of the Racial Justice Program at the Massachusetts ACLU, it’s your... more
Jul 23, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 In and Out of the Box Arthur Goodridge 1) 24 Bagatelles written by Producer Lind Papapouli 2) Piano Improvisation by Arthur Goodridge Tue/Thu/Sun 7PM Wed/Fri 11AM New CCTV Staff Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Lives in Limbo: Immigration as a Human Right's Issue Tuesday/Thursday 5 PM Roberto G. Gonzales, professor of education at... more
Jul 15, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 It's Never Too Late To Have A More Loving Father Michael Koran Visual poem dedicated to love Tue/Thu/Sun 7PM Wed/Fri 11AM Lex Examines BT Alexandre Dewart Tue/Thu/Sun 8PM Wed/Fri 12PM Soft Crisis Laine Rettmer A collection of short videos shot, directed and edited by the Video II class at School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tuft during a two... more
Jul 10, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Mahogany Expression Emmanuel Vincent This project highlights artist Nita Mariel and the process of her making her art. Tue/Thu/Sun 7PM Wed/Fri 11AM Inside Trailer [Extd. Version] Erica Gustafsson Trailer for the comedy movie Inside, by film maker Electra Gustafsson. Tue/Thu/Sun 7:05PM Wed/Fri 11:05AM Lawn Cheyenne Harvey Documentation of the... more
Jun 29, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Clean Frame Sara Pagiaro Visual poem dedicated to love Tue/Thu/Sun 7:15PM Wed/Fri 11:15AM Inside Trailer Erica Gustafsson This video clip is from the upcoming movie, "Inside," A little taste from some of the locations in Cambridge. Tue/Thu/Sun 7:12PM Wed/Fri 11:12AM Svetlana Speaks Beth Redmond Walsh Episode 5 of the series Svetlana Speaks Tue/... more
Jun 25, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts! My Life After College- The Rina Collective Podcast Serina Gousby Serina speaks about a recent blog post she wrote about her journey after college, and talks about music legend, Prince. Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday @ 7PM Wednesday/Friday @ 11AM The Building Boom Crisis Christopher Buckles A description of he height... more
Jun 15, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Designing Reality A book signing and talk by Joel Cutcher-Gershenfed and Neil Gershenfeld Alan. The brothers discuss Fab Labs and Maker's Spaces. Tues/Thurs/Sun 7PM Wed/Fri 11AM People's Sculpture Racing A recording of the 2018 People's Sculpture Racing that took place at the top of Cambridge Parkway in the Sculpture Garden. Tues/Thurs/Sun 8PM... more
Jun 11, 2018 New CCTV Staff Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Each year, during PSA DAY, CCTV records 30 second public service announcements for Cambridge nonprofits. Tuesday & Saturday beginning at 5PM through 5:03 PM Also keep an eye out for these PSA's on all three of our channels throughout the day! Just a Start and features Brian Nichols. Health and Recovery and... more
Jun 1, 2018 Tune in on channel 9 for CCTV's Weekend Marathon individuals in the LGBTQ+ Community Friday 6 PM- 9 PM Saturday 12 PM - Midnight Sunday 12 PM - 4 PM Also catch the second week of CCTV's program highlights from the last 3 decades! 30 Years of TV in the next 30 weeks! Channel 8 Fridays 8 AM - 11 AM & Sunday 12 PM - 3 PM Channel 9 Monday 12 AM - 3 AM & Saturday 12 PM - 3 PM Channel 96... more
May 25, 2018 Watch the Best of the Best from CCTV's archives! 30 Years of TV in the next 30 weeks! Channel 8 Fridays 8 AM - 11 AM & Sunday 12 PM - 3 PM Channel 9 Monday 12 AM - 3 AM & Saturday 12 PM - 3 PM Channel 96 Tuesdays 8 AM - 11 AM & Thursday 8 AM - 11 AM P A R T _ O N E 1988 May 28th - June 3rd Check out to stay up to date on what's playing... more
May 10, 2018 New CCTV Staff Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 Marjorie Decker Town Hall Forum Tuesday - Saturday 5PM A town hall forum on gun violence was held by state Rep. Marjorie Decker, including a panel discussion with experts and high school students from Cambridge and Somerville. The forum took place April 4, 2018, at the Cambridge City-Wide Senior Center, was filmed by Malcolm Sullivan, and... more
May 10, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 River Festival Open Mic 2018 by Wayne Robinson Tuesday 7PM, Wednesday 11AM, Thursday 7PM, Friday 11AM, Sunday 7PM The Annual Cambridge Arts River Festival 2017, a festival full of art and community. Eating Cars by Susan Chasen Tuesday 8PM, Wednesday 12PM, Thursday 8PM, Friday 12PM, Sunday 8PM A peculiar founding-father-like figure consumes cars... more
May 7, 2018 New Member Produced Programs WATCH: On Channel 8 CCTV Live Recording "Juicing" with Roseann Gilmer Tue/Thu/Sun 8 PM, 8:25 PM Wed/Fri 12 PM, 12:25 PM Catch back to back episodes of Roseann's ins, outs and all you need to know about the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing! CCTV Live Recording "Slime Time Live" with Maia! Tue/Thu/Sun 7:30 PM Wed/Fri 11:30 AM A special program recorded... more
Apr 30, 2018 Memorial Day 2017 WATCH: On Channel 8 Tuesday May 1st, 7 PM Wednesday May 2nd, 11 AM Thursday May 3rd, 7 PM Friday May 4th, 11 AM Sunday May 6th, 7 PM Produced by CCTV member Wayne, catch the happenings of Memorial Day 2017, in Cambridge. Who Will Speak for Me, If Not Me WATCH: On Channel 8 Tuesday May 1st, 8 PM Wednesday May 2nd, 12 PM Thursday May 3rd, 8 PM Friday May 4th, 12 PM Sunday May... more
Apr 23, 2018 Revel Spring Sing Revels music director Megan Henderson hosts this joyful family celebration of spring featuring communal singing and other seasonal entertainments. Enjoy sing-alongs with David Coffin, guest soloist Jamie Jaffe, Sophie et Adam (featuring Sophie Michaux from our Venetian Christmas Revels), and the Revels Alumni Youth Chorus - not to mention a seriously funny Mummers Play. The... more
Apr 3, 2018 A People Without A Land | Eliyahu Ungar Tuesday / Thursday 5 PM, Friday/ Sunday 10 PM A People Without A Land: Official Trailer from Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon on Vimeo. A People Without a Land challenges the stale ideas that have been the basis of the failed Israeli-Palestinian peace process and proposes a bold new way forward. The film tells the story of individuals who have moved beyond traditional... more
Mar 23, 2018 What’s Going On At The Lily Pad| Kristina Kehrer The Lilypad from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo. Channel 8 Tues/Thu/Sun 8:05 PM Wed/Fri 12:05 PM Another great piece by producer Kristina Kehrer, about the Lilypad, one of the last remaining non-corporate performance spaces in Cambridge, Mass. - a town that has been gentrified to within every each of its life. Meet The Artist... more