Green Sense Team Works for Environmental Sustainability

Green Sense Team Works for Environmental Sustainability

Green Sense Team members distribute information at Cambridge Walk/Ride Day 2012

“I’ve gotten a chance to learn about what environmental engineers do, and I didn’t even know that career existed” commented a participant in the Green Sense Team, one of the many work experience programs for teens offered by the city of Cambridge through the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment program in partnership with more than 100 community and government agencies. Another student noted “we get the opportunity to figure out solutions to environmental problems and to share what we're learning with others.”

Green Sense Team is designed to engage young people in learning and working towards solving environmental problems locally and globally. Each week has a specific sustainability theme such as climate change and urban sustainability, water conservation, urban wild and open space, waste management, sustainable transportation, local food systems, and renewable energy and green building. As part of this "work and learning program" Green Sense team members take part in both hands-on projects, and learning activities such as tours of water treatment plants, recycling plants, green buildings, and lectures. Examples of project-based work done by participating students include removing invasive plants from the Mystic River, gardening and composting in local school gardens, and helping the City of Cambridge's Transportation Department with their outreach efforts.

Listen to this recording of some of the participants talking about what they are learning and doing in the program, and some of the ways in which they can help to solve environmental problems:

Coming informative and entertaining video created by the students about their work and learnings.
If you like game shows, you will enjoy this!