Why does my video look so grainy?

Why does my video look so grainy?

Learn how to control your gain levels on JVC-GY HM600 camcorders

Eric writes:
I recently shot a dance rehearsal using CCTV's JVC cameras. Everything seemed fine during the shoot, and the image looked good on the LCD screen, but when I went home and transferred the footage onto my computer, I realized that the footage was extremely grainy. I am pretty sure that I did not have the gain on high and cannot figure out how this could have happened. Do you have any idea of why this could have happened and is there any way to salvage the footage?

Hi Eric,
Sorry to hear that your footage has come out grainy. It seems like your gain setting was high without you noticing it. In JVC-GY HM600 camcorders, there are two different ways of setting your gain, one is on the body of the camera, which give you three settings, low, medium and high, the other method is to change the gain level in the menu system by going to
Menu --> Camera Functions --> Switch Set --> Gain
You will find that there are three gain positions, Gain H (high), Gain M (medium), and Gain L (low). The gain value of each position can be set. Increasing the sensitivity causes the footage to be grainier.
JVC-GY HM600 camcorders preserve the settings of the previous user even if the camera has been turned on and off. So although you might assume that your gain is set on low, it might have been set on high within the menu system by the previous user. The best practice is too re-set all setting, before shooting by going to
Menu --> Others --> Reset all.
The camera will turn itself off and back on and will reset to its default settings.

In terms of your footage, unfortunately, there is not much you can do. You can try to improve it by using various filters and color correcting, but there is no way to take the grain away completely.

Hope this is helpful.