Fresh Pond Goes Wild - Saturday

Fresh Pond Goes Wild - Saturday

Saturday, May 19th, from 10 am to 2 pm, is Fresh Pond Day! There will be family activities, music, dog training clinics, snacks, tours and open houses. You can learn to stilt walk, watch bee keeping in action, get your face painted, dance in wide open fields, and of course, drink delicious free tap water.

Here is Ranger Jean's description of the event:

The poster, the agenda for the day's many activities, and a map are all attached to this article. Please click on the attachment below to get all of the information you are going to need for Saturday's event.

The information will also be available on the City's website:

(photo of a topsy-turvy Fresh Pond by S Segat)


I had a great time teaching about 10 kids and one adult to walk on stilts with the OpenAir Circus, then took a stroll around the pond. A fine time was had by all.