NPO Media Fellowship Program

NPO Media Fellowship Program

In order to build capacity in local non-profit organizations and City agencies, CCTV is offering a Media Fellowship designed to empower local non-profits and city departments to produce media by training members of their staff.

CCTV will provide agency staff participants with the knowledge and skills required to produce effective media within the scope of their agencies. Along the way, we will help agencies build and implement media plans and foster fellowship between agency professionals working in media oriented roles.

You may download the application for 2010 from this link.

Prospective organizations:

  • Are local non-profit organizations or city government departments
  • Appreciate the power of locally produced media, especially around organizational mission and purpose
  • Have a dedication to developing a media strategy.
  • Demonstrate a need for in-house staff with media production needs
  • Dedicate significant staff time of at least one employee to receive media production training
  • Are committed to playing an active and supporting role in the learning of their staff by attending planning sessions, progress reports, screenings, etc

Prospective participants:

  • Are career employees of non-profit or city government departments
  • Have the capacity to provide meaningful media production services once trained
  • Can dedicate time to attend trainings and special projects as scheduled
  • Must be supported by their parent agency’s leadership and directors

Participating organizations receive:

  • Newly trained staff member with experience producing effective media for your organization, with skills in digital video making and digital distribution.
  • Increased capacity for outreach, marketing, and promotion through television, radio and the internet.
  • Access to one million dollars of media production equipment. This includes digital video cameras, video editing facilities, a multi-camera live studio and more.
  • Media produced by the participants including: 1) a “digital story” style production featuring the personal narrative of a staff person’s role at the organization, 2) one or more informational public service announcements that pass mission-oriented information to potential viewers, 3) an organizational profile of your organization that highlights the services offered.

The charge for the Fellowship Program is $150 (scholarships are available) and the cost of production expendables such as tapes and DVDs. CCTV Organizational Membership is required. The Organizational Membership fee is based on annual operating budget and is detailed on the enclosed Organizational Membership Application.

Participants in this program have included professionals from the Asian Task Force, the City of Cambridge Human Rights Commission, CASCAP, the City of Cambridge Department of Human Services Programs, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House, and Families First Parenting.