Allison Maria Rodriguez, Oct 2
Explore the elements of effective PowerPoint presentations in this free lunchtime lecture for NPOs.

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Allison Maria Rodriguez, Oct 2, 15
This is an open call for video work that addresses the theme of horror - to be screened on Thurs, Oct. 29th at CCTV's HorrorFest 2015
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Sep 23, 15
You are invited to a reception and screening of work created by CCTV staff on Thursday, October 1st.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Sep 18, 15
Explore the structure and vocabulary of comics while creating one of your very own in your prefered style - no drawing ability required!
Susan Fleischmann, Aug 27, 15
It’s back and bigger than ever – CCTV’s Annual Back Lot BBQ Fundraiser.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Aug 24, 15
Get prepared for your next big audition - learn about the process, types, and techniques to properly prepare.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Aug 22, 15
In this production based class, learn the technical skills and creative strategies for producing a successful interview-based project.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Aug 13, 15
Examine the creative elements that go into making a successful horror short while producing your very own!
Clodagh Drummey, Aug 6, 15
Join us for a screening of work produced by teens in CCTV's Summer Media Institute on Wednesday, August 12
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jul 28, 15
You will walk away from this professional development course with a customized social media strategy.
Clodagh Drummey, Jul 24, 15
In celebration of the Summer Media Institute's 25th anniversary, we hope to raise $25,000 in support of CCTV's youth programs
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jul 22, 15
Join us for CCTV's Student Photography Exhibition Reception and Instructor Screening with Q&A on Thursday, July 23rd.
Clodagh Drummey, Jul 20, 15
In celebration of 25 years of empowering young people through the arts, this year we are seeking to raise $25,000.
Clodagh Drummey, Jul 6, 15
CCTV's popular Summer Media Institute for teens celebrates its 25th anniversary
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jul 1, 15
Cambridge Community Television’s Class Schedule for July, August, and September is now available. More here.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jun 23, 15
This workshop is an interactive demonstration of the role of lighting in film and TV production.
Clodagh Drummey, Jun 12, 15
As part of GoogleServe week, 13 Google staffers volunteered to teach older adults Internet skills at CCTV
Clodagh Drummey, Jun 9, 15
Please join us on Thursday, June 11 for a screening of work hosted by teens in our School Year Production Program.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jun 4, 15
Learn how to develop your own artistic perspective and photographic language when representing "home", or "the familiar".
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jun 2, 15
Age Engage: One-to-One Internet Assistance (FREE). CCTV pairs with Google.
Allison Maria Rodriguez, May 21, 15
Learn how to produce a short documentary from start to finish by working as part of a team.


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