FCC Hearing: Voices from the overflow crowd

FCC Hearing: Voices from the overflow crowd

Matt Landry from CCTV/CEA was one of the videographers commissioned by the organization Free Press (and its offshoot, savetheinternet.com) to get reaction from people who were shut out of the FCC's "public" hearing at Harvard Law School on Feb. 25. Read more about what went on inside the courtroom in Susan's more timely blog post here.

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I think it is very important to point out WHY people were kept out of the hearing - the Boston Globe reported that Comcast HIRED people to sit in those seats beginning early that morning - to ensure that activists and those opposed to Comcast's interests were not able to get in!

Right, which is why one person we interviewed mentioned that the room was full well before the hearing began. Here's the article, for those who didn't know about this. Thanks for clarifying that point.

Great job, Julie!

It's great to see community media in action helping to get the word out to residents in Cambridge and others on the web about such an important issue.

While there's plenty of media coverage about what happened inside, there's far less coverage of the voices like these that were left outside the hearing. That's why this video is so necessary.