Exporting options in FCP X

Exporting options in FCP X

Learn how to export a master file or how to export onto Vimeo and youtube on FCP X

Dear Producer,

I am a bit confused about the export settings with FCPX. Can you elaborate on how to create a master file and how to export directly onto Vimeo and Youtube.


Hi Sarah,

To export your finished timeline in FCP X, you will need to use the ‘Share’ options. Go to
File > Share
When you hover your mouse over share, a sub menu pops up with some share option, to get even more options, select “Add Destination”
Depending on how you use FCP-X, you can share your project file in a few different ways. Let’s look at them one by one

Creating a Master
There are two ways you can do this. You can use the:
1. Master File, or
2. Export File

Both these options are kept separate, though they do the same thing. The Master File option is unchangeable, while the Export File option can be customized. When you click either, a master file window will pop up.

Once you click Settings, you can choose the following:
1. Format – Video and Audio, Video only or Audio only
2. Video codec
3. Check box to include Chapter markers.
4. Open with – You can select Quicktime to playback your file immediately after export, or ‘Do Nothing’, etc.

Once you have customized your options, click next
1. Designated a specific place for your master file
2. Click save.

Creating a web video on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.
The settings for this are fairly simple. If you Sign in you can directly start uploading to your desired video channel.
When possible you get the choice of resolution, but no control over the bit rate or audio.
For Compression you have two options:
- Faster encode
- Better quality
Choose faster include if you want to get your project up as soon as possible. When uploading to Vimeo, you have the option to upload a ‘Private’ movie.