Lesley University, Feb 6
Lesley Art and Design is hosting an exhibit at Lunder Arts Center featuring work by Black undergrads, grad students, and alumni.
Lesley University, Jan 30
Lesley alumna Laurel Vincent '17 will be presenting work at the Marran Gallery from January 29 through February 28.
Lesley University, Jan 29
Between March 5 and April 2, Lesley University's A&D is presenting an exhibition by New York artist Elizabeth Enders at Lunder Arts Center.
Agassiz Baldwin Community, Jan 23
Deborah Davidson's unique collection of line drawings displayed on black columns
Lesley University, Jan 23
From January 23 to February 23, eight artist alumni of Lesley University's Art and Design program will be showing at the Lunders Art Center.
Agassiz Baldwin Community, Dec 20
Agassiz Baldwin Community is mounting its fifth annual all-agency exhibition in which employees display their artistic endeavors.
Lesley University, Dec 2
The Fall 2019 BFA Exhibition highlights the work by graduates of Lesley Art and Design’s Bachelor of Fine Arts from December 7 to 18..
James F. Farr Academy, Nov 26
Please support our students by visiting our studio, located at 82 Pearl Street, from 11am to 1pm on Saturday, December 14th!
Lesley University, Nov 21
Free and open to the public, Lesley University welcomes conceptual artist Alex Da Corte Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 6 p.m.
Lesley University, Nov 14
A collection of street art and graphics from Perú are on display around the Lunder Arts Center through December 15.
Mi Li, Nov 14
The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts is offering our 9th Local Food Trade Show.
Lesley University, Oct 31
Houston-based artists discuss their work and careers as professional artists.
Lesley University, Oct 31
Lesley University is proud to present this exhibition that highlights the effort and contribution of mentors and visiting artists.
Erin Becker, Oct 29
Our Holiday Small Works Sale is your chance to purchase one-of-a-kind works
Agassiz Baldwin Community, Oct 22
Join us in welcoming this submission-based collage show, jurored by artist Annie Silverman.