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Jan 20, 2016 Internet Security with Google for Students 50+ (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with Google In this class, a Google representative will cover the basics of how to safeguard your privacy online. You’ll learn how to keep the bad guys out, how to keep evil software at bay, and how to not fall for tricks and scams. We’ll discuss password best practices and how to navigate privacy... more
Jan 12, 2016 Everyone dreams of owning their own property at one time or another. Insecurity in renting leads many consumers to taking the plunge into home ownership. Fortunately mortgage rates have remained low these past few months, hovering around 4%, giving many people the opportunity to own a home for the very first time. Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions most will make in their... more
Dec 28, 2015 This one-on-one session will pair a CCTV volunteer with a senior to help them get the most out of their technological device. If you received a new device for the holidays and just haven’t gotten around to taking it out of the box, or if you have a device you are already familiar with but want to explore advanced features, bring it on by and we’ll help you get the most out of your technology! Be... more
Dec 28, 2015 Age Engage: One-to-One Internet Assistance (FREE) Cambridge Community Television pairs with Google CCTV is excited to announce that we will be teaming with Google to host another session of Age Engage on Friday, March 18, 2016 from 1:00PM - 3:00PM. Age Engage is a collaboration between Google and CCTV in which individuals over 50 learn how to use the Internet. During Age Engage, people over 50... more
Dec 28, 2015 So, you’ve taken Beginning Studio and you’ve gotten a sense of how the studio works. But, at the heart of every great studio production is the video switcher, and this is not your old-school switcher: built in clip store, virtual sets, graphics and animation at your fingertips! There is so much to learn. Take this free one night intensive to really develop your proficiency. Pre-Requisite:... more
Dec 28, 2015 Learn how to produce a documentary from start to finish, (from concept to shooting to editing), by working as part of a team with your classmates. The documentary produced in this class will be featured on CCTV’s channels and website. Learn about all the different stages of production and equipment that you will need to make your very own documentary. This class will certify Access Members to... more
Dec 28, 2015 The contemporary explosion of podcasting – the distribution of audio content on the Internet – allows media producers to greatly expand the scope of their audience. This course will introduce the concept of Podcasting as an extremely approachable medium for producing a wide variety of audio-based programs. We will go over the process for developing, recording and editing a podcast that will be... more
Dec 28, 2015 Motion is a powerful tool for experimenting with visual effects, incorporating sophisticated motion graphics or just creating cool looking titles for your project. This course will also assist you in thinking about creating animations for your own program, as well as those designed for the CCTV studio Broadcast Pix video switcher. In this workshop, you will learn fundamentals of this powerful... more
Dec 28, 2015 Shooting a good interview takes practice, but there are some tricks and tips that can help your subject look and sound his/her best. We’ll discuss and play with visual choices (how should I position my subject?), audio choices (which microphone is best for me?), and strategies for getting great, usable answers in your next interview. Instructor: Siobhan Landry Dates: Mon, 03/28/2016, 6:00 PM Mon... more
Dec 28, 2015 In this workshop, you will be introduced to audio concepts, microphones and other audio gear, and basic audio recording techniques. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV's audio equipment. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Date: Sun, 03/20/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for Access Members and one for non-members. Advance registration is required and is... more
Dec 28, 2015 You will learn the basics of the brand new CCTV Live studio. We will cover the video switcher and its various sources, the computer, taking video calls from viewers via Skype and how to capture your show on an SD card. We will also briefly cover “LIVE” on-camera presentation techniques, and discuss policies, procedures and responsibilities. For those who have taken this course before, or used... more
Dec 28, 2015 This class covers the basic functions of CCTV’s professional camcorders, including our brand new JVC GYHM600U HD camera. Learn basic safety and handling procedures through hands-on practice with these camcorders. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV camcorders - it is required to check out CCTV cameras. Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Thu, 03/17/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular... more
Dec 28, 2015 In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) photography. After learning basic camera functions, you will become comfortable using DSLR cameras to capture images. A general overview of Photoshop will give you the opportunity to edit your ideas into printable and presentable photographs. This class will result in its own artist exhibition in CCTV’s Karen Aqua... more
Dec 28, 2015 In this introductory workshop, producers will jump right into editing with Final Cut Pro X. Get organized right from the start with New Libraries that you can save on your hard drive. Learn to work with Libraries, Events & Projects. This intensive workshop will briefly introduce the interface and get into importing video, audio & images to get a taste for editing. Topics covered also... more
Dec 28, 2015 CCTV MONTHLY FREE LECTURE SERIES Beginning in February, CCTV is launching a monthly series of high-caliber seminar classes that will be completely free and open to the general public (this includes non-members and non-residents). These classes are taught by highly educated practitioners in their field, and are a rare opportunity to sample the kind of resources available at CCTV. A class will be... more
Dec 28, 2015 It may be easy to upload a video to YouTube but the process has only begun. In this course, you will what it takes to successfully brand your YouTube channel in order to build views and a strong subscriber list. Instructor: Evin Anderson Date: Wed, 03/09/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for Access Members and one for non-members. Advance registration is required and... more
Dec 28, 2015 Learn the basics of the coding language behind every web page on the internet. Learn about markup languages (the M in HTML), and how to create and manipulate web content. Thinking in code is a creative and marketable talent, and is the gateway to unlocking new career paths. Whether you are interested in controlling your personal website better, adding another skill to your resume, or in... more
Dec 28, 2015 This class is for students who are comfortable with Final Cut X, but are looking to become more skilled at color correction, masks, and fine-tuning transitions. Student should come to class with their own footage, and be prepared to apply demonstrated concepts in class. Students will leave the class with a solid understanding of the effects interface and tools, as well as a clearer sense of how... more
Dec 28, 2015 Have you ever looked up at the lighting grid in the big studio and wondered what all those crazy things were? In this workshop you will learn about the lighting grid, and how to use the lighting board in order to add some creativity to your show. You will learn the proper safety involved in moving the lights, setting up different looks and a general overview of 3 point lighting. Pre-requisite:... more
Dec 28, 2015 Award winning filmmakers Maura Smith and Kate Brown will guide students through the process of writing, shooting, and editing short films specifically dealing with content geared towards children, young adults, and families. This class will focus not only on the technical aspects of this genre, but also on the specifics of this type of content creation - such as working with child actors and... more
Dec 28, 2015 This workshop is an interactive demonstration of the role of lighting in film and TV production, and basic lighting concepts & techniques. The class will cover CCTV's tungsten lighting kits and the brand new LED lighting kits. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV's lighting equipment.Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Sun, 02/28/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two... more