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May 12, 2016 Age Engage is a collaboration between Google and CCTV that seeks to teach individuals over 50 how to use the Internet. During Age Engage, people over 50 are paired with Google employees for one-to-one training. The trainings are designed to teach participants Internet skills according to their interest and experience. Participants can learn things like how to search the world wide web, send and... more
Apr 8, 2016 It's more important than ever to develop awareness about your organization online, but where do you start? One of the most powerful tools available to you as a nonprofit is Twitter. In this course, you will learn how to successfully spread your message, engage your target audience, and create a strong online presence for your organization. To register, contact Clodagh Drummey at clodagh@... more
Mar 30, 2016 Do you want to have an attractive, sophisticated looking website without needing to learn any particular coding? Wordpress is one of the world’s most popular web design tools, it’s completely free, easy to use, and it creates professional looking websites. In this introductory class, you will learn how to start a wordpress account, create pages and posts, insert multimedia, and control your... more
Mar 30, 2016 “Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.” - Meryl Streep In this course you will learn and implement fundamental elements of acting. You will learn the importance of each facet from the voice, body, to the text and how to put it all together for a complete as well as dynamic performance. The class... more
Mar 30, 2016 Shooting a good interview takes practice, but there are some tricks and tips that can help your subject look and sound his/her best. We’ll discuss and play with visual choices (how should I position my subject?), audio choices (which microphone is best for me?), and strategies for getting great, usable answers in your next interview. Instructor: Siobhan Landry Dates: Wed, 06/29/2016, 6:00 PM Wed... more
Mar 30, 2016 For those comfortable with basic electronic safety and signal flow, this is a hands on workshop on how to set up and troubleshoot a simple indoor live sound system. We will address different gear, mixing, and space/size concepts (bar, theater, studio, bedroom, etc) to set up for a poetry reading, a karaoke night, and a small rock band. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Pre-requisite: Audio 101 or... more
Mar 30, 2016 This workshop will introduce the creative use of color by cinematographers and directors in film, focusing on a couple of core concepts that can be applied to any project, from small to big budget. It will also cover the basics of color correction and color grading inside FCPX, through an overview of the interface and tools, as well as through the demonstration of tried and true techniques.... more
Mar 30, 2016 Used by both Google and NASA, Python is an intuitive programming language that is as powerful as it is pleasant to use. In this course, you will discover object-oriented programming through the dynamic language of Python. Students will learn how to run Python scripts and the Python interactive shell on any computer and create their own programs in class. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Dates: Wed, 06/... more
Mar 28, 2016 In this introductory workshop, producers will jump right into editing with Final Cut Pro X. Get organized right from the start with New Libraries that you can save on your hard drive. Learn to work with Libraries, Events & Projects. This intensive workshop will briefly introduce the interface and get into importing video, audio & images to get a taste for editing. Topics covered also... more
Mar 28, 2016 Have you ever looked up at the lighting grid in the big studio and wondered what all those crazy things were? In this workshop you will learn about the lighting grid, and how to use the lighting board in order to add some creativity to your show. You will learn the proper safety involved in moving the lights, setting up different looks and a general overview of 3 point lighting. Pre-requisite:... more
Mar 28, 2016 In this workshop, you will be introduced to audio concepts, microphones and other audio gear, and basic audio recording techniques. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV's audio equipment. Instructor: Scotty Vercoe Date: Thu, 06/16/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular classes have two rates: one for Access Members and one for non-members. Advance registration is required and is... more
Mar 28, 2016 This two session class is a very thorough, technical exploration of the components that make up a camera’s technology, and how they operate together to function and generate creative possibilities. Topics covered include: digital video sensors (resolution, megapixel count, etc), video compression codecs, fundamentals of manual exposure (frame rates, shutter, lenses, white balance, ISO) and tools... more
Mar 28, 2016 Do you have a socially relevant message to get out? Do you want to raise awareness, or attempt to shift public consciousness, about a particular issue? This PSA video production class will help you to do so. Whether it’s for yourself or an organization, you will learn how to craft a short, effective and creative video to convey your message. Students will learn what make a PSA successful, have... more
Mar 28, 2016 You will learn the basics of the brand new CCTV Live studio. We will cover the video switcher and its various sources, the computer, taking video calls from viewers via Skype and how to capture your show on an SD card. We will also briefly cover “LIVE” on-camera presentation techniques, and discuss policies, procedures and responsibilities. For those who have taken this course before, or used... more
Mar 28, 2016 CCTV MONTHLY FREE LECTURE SERIES Beginning in February 2016, CCTV is launched a monthly series of high-caliber seminar classes that are completely free and open to the general public (this includes non-members and non-residents). These classes are taught by highly educated practitioners in their field, and are a rare opportunity to sample the kind of resources available at CCTV. A class will... more
Mar 28, 2016 This fun, two class workshop will introduce students to Photoshop through a collage project. Students will learn the Photoshop interface, as well as how to make simple and advanced selections, and image adjustments. Students should bring their own photos to work with on the first day of class and should be ready to play with them inside Photoshop. Photos can be sourced online, or can be from a... more
Mar 28, 2016 This is a workshop that focuses on creating polished scripts that are ready for production. Have you always wanted to start your own Youtube channel and create fresh content for it on a weekly basis, but haven’t gotten around to learning the basics to do so? Now is your chance to learn the tools necessary to write funny and engaging comedy sketches consistently. In this course we will learn to... more
Mar 28, 2016 Have a big fight scene in your next film and don’t know how to choreograph it or even film it? Always wanted to learn how they do those fight scenes in movies and on TV? Whether you are a director, actor or a future fight choreographer, here is your opportunity to learn the foundation of fight choreography and how to remain safe on set! This class requires physical mobility, if you have any... more
Mar 28, 2016 This course will cover the process of adding music to effectively accompany visuals. Topics include music selection and placement, scoring, emotion-building, working with composers, editors and supervisors and finding royalty-free music for your film. The course is open to musicians and non-musicians. GarageBand will be used in this class, but no prior experience is required. Instructor: Scotty... more
Mar 28, 2016 This class covers the basic functions of CCTV’s professional camcorders, including our brand new JVC GYHM600U HD camera. Learn basic safety and handling procedures through hands-on practice with these camcorders. This class certifies Access Members to check out CCTV camcorders - it is required to check out CCTV cameras. Instructor: Jon Dorn Date: Wed, 05/25/2016, 6:00PM - 9:00PM All regular... more
Mar 28, 2016 In this introductory workshop, producers will jump right into editing with Final Cut Pro X. Get organized right from the start with New Libraries that you can save on your hard drive. Learn to work with Libraries, Events & Projects. This intensive workshop will briefly introduce the interface and get into importing video, audio & images to get a taste for editing. Topics covered also... more