Live Programs for Download

Live Programs for Download

Before you continue on to the download page for CCTV's live programming, there are a couple things you should know about this service.

Cambridge Community Television uses the Google Drive file sharing service to make copies of live television programs available for producers to download at home. This service is intended to allow our producers to download their own video files and share them separately on the video sharing service of their choice. Files may take as much as 24 hours to become available after the program has aired, and files are only stored for 7 days following the live air date - at which point the new episode will replace the old.

  1. Use Google Chrome as your web browser for best results. If you cannot access files with Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Follow the link to the download area (link below) and click on the file according to your date and time of live program.
  3. Click the download link at very top of the page to start your download. The download link looks like a down-arrow with a horizontal line below it.
  4. Wait (patiently) for the file to download.

Special note: Some producers have found that their programs "disappear" from the Google Drive service. We have learned that this may be due to Google's automated copyright infringement algorithm that detects the use of commercially produced videos, movies, and music in file that are shared on its services. If your file has gone missing, first determine if you played movie or music clips on your show because that may be a reason it has become unavailable. If you have questions about missing programs, contact us.

Now that you have these details, please continue on to the download area: