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Cambridge Gnomes Urge clean-up on Pet Poop

Cambridge Gnomes Urge clean-up on Pet Poop

Vladimir: Greta, ahem, I embarrassment at this topic to discuss. Is not seemingly appropriate for our status as world famous bloggstar gnomes…

Greta: Oh Vladimir, you such prudish sometimes. Very important topic, now we are in spring and humans are strolling doggies outside by trees and shrubberies. Here in Amerika, 40% of humans not clean up after their doggies!

Vladimir: No, cannot be true! 40%?

Greta: Yes, but truly Female Humans more often to clean up after pets than Male Humans…and dog and cat together make 10 million tons of poop a year!

Vladimir: Hmmm, very productive…possibly I wonder to make energy resource from such products? Noticing now gas prices jump fast!

Greta: Yes, material fact: California company is on sharp edge of such ideas: Norcal Waste Systems, researching turning pet poop into methane to make power for electricity or liquid Natural Gas to power cars!

Vladimir: Greta, how you know so much about topic of dog poopings?

Greta: I do research on Web, while you fooling around in and out of black holes!

Vladimir: Not "fooling around"! Black Hole capture me! I spend terrible turnings and twistings fighting to break free of gravitational powers of dark matters....

Greta: Nevermind, I weary of dog poopings ruining seasonal weathers and outdoorsing... and many other strong reasons. Exampling:

Doggie poop very bad for water -- can wash from lawns and sidewalks into storm drains and creeks, streams, and rivers. It holds much bacteria which contamination to water and making dysentery or cholera…

Here, I read you this from EPA, Agency of Environment: …estimate 100 dogs pooping for 2-3 days would contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay, and all watershed areas within 20 miles of it, to swimming and shellfishing.

Vladimir: Hmm, fearful thoughts! Dog poopings not only ugly on eyes, but also disaster-makings for ecosystem! Especially consider Fresh Pond area...

Greta: Truly! Dog poopings also hold many nutrients to fertilize fast algae growing, killing much fish and aquatic life by decaying to remove oxygen from water.

Vladimir: Terrible!

Greta: Doggie poop also majorly food for rats, which we dis-appreciate for health risks and general ickiness factors.

Vladimir: Ah, so mayhap dog poopings can be used as fertilizing? Is it good feed for yard and shrubberies?

Greta: But NO! Actually opposite! Dog poops more than terrible as fertilization as they are toxic to lawn and make burns and unsightly discolorings.

Never to use as compost or fertilizer because it common to carry worms and other parasites like round worm, hook worm, Heartworms, Whipworms, Tapeworm, Parvo, Corona, Giardiasis, Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacteriosis…to humans and dogs, to make terrible sick!

Vladimir: Greta, stop…I not feeling much well hearing such names...

Greta: Yes, not so pretty information! Majority of humans unaware of risk infectation by worms and parasites in pet poop. More importantly, estimates say a single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria!

Vladimir: What is this bacteria?

Greta: It makes humans with cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney trouble!

Vladimir: Oh, stop, Greta. I not want to think on this anymore…

Greta: Ok, I stop now but you see importantness of telling such informations to many who do not know such dangers!

Vladimir: Yes, we proclaim urgencies and dangers… perhaps we save many lives by our announcing. Let us begin!

Cambridge Legal Law says...
...dogs must be on leash or strictly controlled by owner on all public or private properties not owned by dog owner...

...owner of dog must clean up all dog poop and dispose of in trash or toilet...