Television Coverage for Local Events

Television Coverage for Local Events

CCTV offers media coverage of non-commercial Cambridge Events.

CCTV offers media coverage of local, non-commercial events that are not receiving media coverage elsewhere. To qualify for event coverage, your organization and event must meet the following requirements:

  • The organization holding the event must be a member of CCTV.
  • The event must be free and/or open to the public.
  • The event must have demonstrable relevance to the greater Cambridge community.
  • There are no restrictions on the program being shown on CCTV's cable channels or website.

Your event IS NOT eligible for free video coverage if:

  • The event is commercial in nature or intended to make a profit.
  • The event does not have an audience in Cambridge.
  • The event is already receiving coverage from other media operations.
  • Your organization has already received free media services from CCTV in the last 365 days.

To Receive Free Event Coverage

If your event is eligible for free video coverage, then the sponsoring organization will be expected to:

  • Accept full responsibility for the content of the program, talent, and necessary releases.
  • Provide CCTV with relevant details about the event, such as time, date and location, and any descriptions of the event including topic, speakers, etc.
  • Provide CCTV with any technical details relating to audio or lighting facilities that may exist at the event location.
  • Make every effort possible to publicize the broadcast of the finished program on CCTV's channels and/or website.
  • Acknowledge CCTV for providing free video coverage of the event, either during the event or other appropriate means.

To request coverage, please fill out this form.

What Your Organization Will Receive

If CCTV is provides free video coverage of your event, your organization will receive the following services:

  • CCTV will provide a single camera and operator for a maximum of 4 hours of production time, including setup and breakdown. Additional time is available at cost.
  • CCTV will do simple post-production editing, not to exceed 5 hours, to prepare the program for our television channels. Additional time is available at cost.
  • CCTV will provide one copy of the finished program to the organization requesting coverage. Additional copies can be made at extra cost.
  • CCTV will share ownership and rights to the finished program with the event organizers. You may distribute copies of the program; however, if it is being sold, profits must be split evenly with CCTV.
  • CCTV will schedule the finished program to be seen on our cable channels and/or website, and will retain copies for future replays or other CCTV promotional uses.

Copyright of the finished program is held by the organization sponsoring the event. Requests for copies from outside parties will be directed to the organization's contact person, who may choose to allow CCTV to sell copies. Original footage recorded by CCTV staff and volunteers is owned by CCTV and may be purchased by the event sponsors at cost.

CCTV makes its best effort to provide free video coverage of community events but in some cases we are unable to provide this service due to scheduling and availability of our resources.

Also, while CCTV intends to produce high quality programming of community events, and we arrange for the most skilled individuals to provide this service, many of our production crew and assistants are not trained professionals.

If you have production needs that are outside the scope of these free services, or wish to produce programming that is not intended for broadcast on our channels or website, you may consider hiring one of CCTV’s professional production teams.