Production Contracts

Production Contracts

The production contract provides our members with access to all of our equipment in exchange for access to your finished media.

The production contract allows our members use of our equipment as long as copies of final works are submitted to our community channels or website. This is the primary deal we offer top help members produce media for free. Many conditions apply, so read carefully.

Contracts are granted to Resident and Nonresident Members in good standing who have no prior outstanding contracts. Members pitch a plan for producing a piece that includes dates, equipment required, locations, names of potential crew, purpose of final pieces, and so on, and CCTV determines if this qualifies for free use. If so, the contract is approved and members may then book time with our equipment and facilities. If it is not approved, members are welcome to rent equipment and facilities at its fair market value. Once a program is finished, members submit the final works to our channels or website and may then begin a new contract for more production time.

Production Contract Types

  • Certification Contract This requirement for all first-time producers is intended to limit the scale of a production to just three minutes. This provides members with a miniature production experience to help better gauge the work required to make a full length program. Once the 3 minute final work is submitted, members may then proceed with a larger program. This contract allows 2 portable camera uses, 1 studio use, and 10 edit hours for free.
  • Single Contract This is a contract for a one time only program. This contract allows 4 portable camera uses, 3 studio uses, and 40 edit hours for free.
  • Series Contract This contract type is designed for members interested in producing on a monthly basis. New programming must be submitted regularly or the contract may be cancelled. Members are allowed the same free uses as a Single contract each month.


Only Members are allowed to use CCTV equipment for free. Members are allowed free use for a limited period of time. Members must submit the finished work on DVD or MPEG2 file,to be cablecast on CCTV's Channels, or uploaded to CCTV's website. Members may not receive any form of payment, funding, or barter to produce this program, and the sole ownership of the program must be held by the member. If any of these expectations are not met or if the program is never completed, CCTV will bill the member for your equipment use to date.

You can read the full length version of our Video Production Policies.