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Hong Kong is Harvard's Hidden Gem

Hong Kong is Harvard's Hidden Gem

Hong Kong Restaurant offers fun, free and convenient entertainment

As a part-time Cambridge resident, and full time college student, my friends and I are constantly looking for fun, and more importantly, free things to do. Of course, if you ask just about anyone, free and fun are two of the biggest qualifications for both weekend and weekday activities.

If those are two of your requirements for recreational activities, then you’re in luck because Geeks Who Drink have got you covered. The Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square is home to a free and fun trivia night, hosted by the group Geeks Who Drink.

The Hong Kong Restaurant which recently celebrated Chinese New Year along with their 60th anniversary as a family style restaurant. The conveniently located restaurant, lounge and comedy club has trivia nights that range in categories from songs that talk about caffeinated beverages, sports stars and celebrities.

Teams are limited to six players and teams of one are welcomed as well. There is no fee to join in on the friendly competition, although participants are always welcomed to enjoy any of the restaurants delicious food and drinks.

The Hong Kong restaurant, at 1238 Massachusetts Avenue, wrapped within the Harvard University campus, was established in 1954 by Jimmy Lee and his wife Mary, and has been a staple in the community since. Today the restaurant is run by Jimmy and Mary’s children, Evelyn and Paul, who stay true to the family’s original idea of serving quality food, along with a little Chinese culture to the residents of Cambridge.

It has been growing since the 70's, when a dance floor was added along with a second dining room. Now the three-story building has a dining room, a lounge and also houses the Comedy Club, upstairs, six nights a week. (If you’re out in the Boston area, near Faneuil hall and looking for the comforts of Cambridge there is a location there as well.)

There is always something to do and it is right around the corner from some of your favorite coffee shops, bookstores and right near three of Cambridge's college campuses (Harvard, Lesley and Longy).

Geeks Who Drink don’t just stick to one place, you can find them around the Cambridge area on weekday nights in some local haunts like Kennedy's On The Square (Mondays), Joe Sent Me (Tuesdays), Phoenix Landing (Wednesdays) and O Sushi Restaurant & Bar (Thursdays)

For more information on these places and all they have to offer, check out their websites:

The Hong Kong Restaurant
The Comedy Studio
Geeks Who Drink


Thanks for this nice piece on a long-time Harvard Square landmark!