You Can't Get There From Here

You Can't Get There From Here

Roadwork seems to have become an indelible part of what we are.

  • Posted on: 21 August 2013
  • By: bevmire

Since when did roadwork become a Cambridgeism? Since it became an inescapable part of us!

A few months ago--in May to be exact--we complained about the amount of roadwork being done around Cambridge. We should have saved our whining until now. As our young friends say, OMG, it's unbelievable! The Longfellow Bridge is closed; Western Avenue and the JFK Bridge have miles to go before they're finished (pun intended); the Broadway Tunnel, oh the Broadway Tunnel!-- Follow the orange cones to construction of the Fogg Museum. Will we ever get our city back?

A few days ago a friend told me it took her a half hour to get from Elm Street at Hampshire Street to the onramp of Route 93 North. I tried to one-up her by getting on DeWolfe Street at noon and taking 15 minutes to get from Grant Street to Memorial Drive. And it goes on! Winter will be here before we know it, adding ice and snow to the mix. My advice, pack a bag with snacks, water, and adult diapers. You may need them.

For your pleasure, here are signs seen on DeWolfe Street between Grant and Memorial Drive. Disobey at your peril!

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"Indelible"? These projects all have beginnings and ends.
"Get our city back"? I didn't realize that road construction took our city away from us. For me, Cambridge is so much more than my ability to drive from one place to another quickly.

I consider myself lucky to live in a place where we can afford to keep our infrastructure well maintained, one that has a mass transit so I don't have to drive everywhere, and one that's compact enough that walking is possible.