The Foundry Equation, Art + Community = Renewal

The Foundry Equation, Art + Community = Renewal

Saturday 22nd, 11a-?p, An art initiative and Open House

Cambridge, MA (June 13, 2013) – On Saturday, June 22nd Cambridge's historic Foundry building (101 Rogers Street) will host "The Foundry Equation," an art initiative and open house. Presented by local art advocates FLUX. Boston, Opus Affair, Voltage Coffee & Art, and Yes.Oui.Si., this unique event will feature both contemporary and children's art, live music and improv performances while showcasing the potential of a neighborhood landmark.

"Art plus community equals renewal- that's The Foundry Equation. In this building lays an opportunity to unite Cambridge, Kendall Square and East Cambridge, industrial and residential, kids and adults, art and music, past and future... " said Ilan Levy, East Cambridge resident, host of Cambridge Community Television’s “The Foundry,” and one of the event’s organizers.

In addition to residents, area businesses are excited about the possibility of a vibrant community arts space, “There's been interest in using this space to support local artists for some time. This event is a one-day solution to the Foundry Equation," said Lucy Valena, proprietress of Voltage Coffee and Art. "It's a chance to show all the cool stuff that could be happening in this neighborhood. People could be making really great art, regularly, in Kendall Square." Anna Schindelar, Art Director at Voltage Coffee and Art as well as curator of the event, added: "This is our vision, our take: an art initiative with the hope of engaging the community, residents, and kids in a dialogue about what they want to see happen to this space. We're just providing an option, a suggestion to the Foundry Equation."

Enthusiasm among community partners underscores the strength of this option: “Having access to such a large arts space in the city opens up a world of possibilities. It would create an environment that promotes collaboration, skill-sharing, and the exchange of ideas. The Foundry would be an invaluable resource for the Cambridge community,” said Liz Devlin, independent curator and founder of FLUX. Boston.

The Foundry building is a historic industrial building given to the city of Cambridge nearly two years ago by Alexandria Real Estate. The city is now considering best use for the building and forces for the sale of the property are strong. The building should be kept in the hands of the city. The need - arts, community and non profit for kids space - is pressing. The Foundry offers an ideal setting. Lets transform the city landscape! Join us next Saturday. See for yourself. Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your city councilor. Help decide the fate of this significant historical building.

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