Shoot at the Paradise Bar (Albany Street)

Shoot at the Paradise Bar (Albany Street)

  • Posted on: 5 August 2008
  • By: therese

UPDATE (as of 8/10):
This shoot is possibly canceled. I'll post final word after class tomorrow.



Dear Project Documentary,

I am interested in doing a shoot this week (or next) at the Paradise Bar on Albany Street. (I'd prefer a Thursday or Friday night.)

I am wondering if I could get a small crew together for either this Friday night, August 8th, or next Friday, August 15th. Would anyone be able to join? I am particularly in need of a camera wiz.

If you're down, please let me know which night works best for you. My email is



Hi Therese, I would love to go. This week would not work, but the 15th would be perfect.

I can help out on the 15th, too.

I'll be around that evening if you need anyone else!