Web Survey Questions Draft #3

Web Survey Questions Draft #3

(Original post from Eli)

Hey folks, I reordered questions and added one, also fleshed out possible responses. Comments and additions welcome.

General survey thoughts-
* we could do a small test run with volunteers to see what we're getting for responses
* we can roll out the survey in stages, perhaps in-person and web first, then phone


CCTV Web Survey Questions:

NAME: Optional (Possible text- "This helps us avoid asking you to take the survey again, and also allows you to be entered in the drawing for ___")

1. How often do you use the Internet?
Choose one:
a) never*
b) at least once a month
c) at least once a week
d) At least once a day

*If answer is "Never", skip to question 4.

2. What do you go to the CCTV website for?
Check all that apply:
a) News and announcements
b) TV schedule
c) Info on Classes
d) Info on Production & Equipment
e) Info on Membership
f) To watch videos
g) To read or create blog entries
h) Open hours and general org. info
i) Other (fill in blank) ___

3. (Open answer) If you use the CCTV website, what do you like most about it? ___
What do you like least? ___

4. What would you like to see added to the CCTV website?
Open answer

(NEW) 5. Have you taken a class at CCTV?

6. Do you produce a show at CCTV?

7. How do you get your information about CCTV?
Check all thay apply:
a) At the station
b) On the website
c) Email newsletter
d) Print newsletter
e) Other (specify) ___

(REMOVE? covered in previous?) ** Do you read the print newsletter? Weekly e-newsletters?

8. Where do you get your Cambridge news and information? ___
(Open answer)

9. What other organizations in Cambridge are you involved with? ___
(Open answer)

* How old are you?

* What neighborhood do you live in?
Choice of zip codes: 02138, 02139, 02140, 02141, 02142
Choice of neighborhood: East Cambridge, MIT/Area 2, Wellington/Harrington, Area 4, Cambridgeport, Mid-Cambridge, Riverside, Agassiz, Neighborhood 9, Neighborhood 10, North Cambridge, Cambridge Highlands, Strawberry Hill

Optional additional questions:
* Do you blog? Y/N
** If so, using what site? (e.g., cctvcambridge.org, blogger, wordpress, etc. ___

* Do you post videos to the web?
** If so, at what site? (e.g. YouTube, Blip.tv, etc.) ___


maybe 3 should go before 2, and if the answer is that they don't use the website, they can skip to question 5?