How I am Benefiting from CCTV: Christina's Story

How I am Benefiting from CCTV: Christina's Story

CCTV offers a wide array of classes serving 400 people each year! Read about one member's experience in our Training Program.

  • Posted on: 31 October 2013
  • By: Clodagh

CCTV offers an extensive array of computer and media production classes serving more than 400 people each year! Read about what CCTV Member Christina Davis has learned through CCTV's classes below.

“Call it a hunch, intuition, but one day out of the blue, I did an online search for editing equipment, and came across CCTV. I became familiarized with all the different opportunities CCTV offers. I was overwhelmed with all the good vibes I got from viewing the site. The rest is history.

Honestly, my initial goal was to only take classes geared toward pre-production, post production and editing. However to date, I think I've taken any class that I'm readily available for. I find that although some classes aren't geared toward my future profession they still relevant. So I take them all. A few classes I've taken are screenwriting, lighting, and field camera.

The teachers here are a very big reason I am smitten with CCTV. One of the very first classes I took was narrative filmmaking I signed up for the class without expectations, but came out with a sense of empowerment because I became confident in my new found abilities. Interestingly enough by the end of the three-week course, every single person in the narrative filmmaking class, was sad it was over! I remember everyone hugging, and exchanging phone numbers. We also had a conversation about our shared, positive experience.

I definitely plan to continue taking as many classes at CCTV, as humanly possible, and to re-take classes as well. I will also continue to lend my support to others. I plan on shaking things up here, at CCTV!”

-- Christina Davis, CCTV Member