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Channel 96Thu, Jun 205:00pmThu, Jun 20Talking Trek: August 20211 hour
Channel 96Thu, Jun 206:00pmThu, Jun 20Thomas Crane Public Library Presents: Cooking with Colin, Healthy for the Holidays55 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Jun 207:30pmThu, Jun 20The Faith Show: Ep 0527 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Jun 208:00pmThu, Jun 20Tele Soleil59 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Jun 209:00pmThu, Jun 20Colores Latinos TV: Descubre A Patzun Conoce A Guatemala28 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Jun 2010:00pmThu, Jun 20Te_Le_ Anacaona 06-20-2457 minutes
Channel 96Thu, Jun 2011:00pmThu, Jun 20African Ascent: July 201936 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 219:30amFri, Jun 21Cooking Without Boundaries: Lunches to Go17 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2110:00amFri, Jun 21Eckankar: The Law of Love29 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2110:30amFri, Jun 21Reeling: The Movie Review Show: Ep 844, June 19, 202430 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2111:00amFri, Jun 21Quarantine Cafe: Afterimage30 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2111:30amFri, Jun 21La Verdad Internacional: DNA of the NEws - Not memories, but sores, February 13, 202428 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2112:00pmFri, Jun 21Mass Celebration: 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, June 16, 20241 hour
Channel 96Fri, Jun 211:00pmFri, Jun 21Thomas Crane Public Library Presents: Cooking with Colin, Healthy for the Holidays55 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 212:30pmFri, Jun 21The Word by Pauline Nanton: Current Events, March 7, 202223 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 213:00pmFri, Jun 21Haitian Poetry in Three Languages, January 20201 hour
Channel 96Fri, Jun 214:00pmFri, Jun 21The Time is Now: June 6, 202455 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 215:00pmFri, Jun 21ATNNE: African Television Network of New England55 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 216:00pmFri, Jun 21The Faith Show: Ep 0527 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 217:00pmFri, Jun 21Aromatic Bangladeshi Kitchen: Ep 25 - May 2023: Popa fish with green tomatoes and potato11 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 217:30pmFri, Jun 21Spookshow Macabre: Ep 1630 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 218:00pmFri, Jun 21Tele Kreyol1 hour
Channel 96Fri, Jun 219:00pmFri, Jun 21Bate Papo Com Shirley: Ep 199, October 20231 hour
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2110:00pmFri, Jun 21Euro Indie Music Weekly Magazine: Ep 361, February 13, 202430 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Jun 2111:00pmFri, Jun 21Tele Lakaye with Yves St. Pierre58 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 228:30amSat, Jun 22Tele Reveil: 2023-3255 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 229:30amSat, Jun 22The Kamla Show: Ep 402: Lois Vossen, Pt 229 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 2210:00amSat, Jun 22The Struggle: Treatment of Captives30 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 2210:30amSat, Jun 22The World Fusion Show: Ep 178 - Mac Ritchey29 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 2211:00amSat, Jun 22Colores Latinos TV: Descubre A Patzun Conoce A Guatemala28 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 2212:00pmSat, Jun 22Puerto Rican Voices: Ep 11 Education27 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 221:00pmSat, Jun 22Mahibere Kidusan TV: June 28, 20211 hour
Channel 96Sat, Jun 222:00pmSat, Jun 22Effort Pour Christ: June 6, 202358 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 223:00pmSat, Jun 22Tele Kreyol1 hour
Channel 96Sat, Jun 224:00pmSat, Jun 22African Ascent: July 201936 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Jun 225:00pmSat, Jun 22Talking Trek: August 20211 hour