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Channel 96Fri, Mar 19:00pmFri, Mar 1Bate Papo Com Shirley: Ep 200 [with Suzy Hekmiah & Izabelle Valladares]1 hour
Channel 96Fri, Mar 110:00pmFri, Mar 1Euro Indie Music Weekly Magazine: Ep 361, February 13, 202430 minutes
Channel 96Fri, Mar 111:00pmFri, Mar 1Tele Lakaye with Yves St. Pierre58 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 28:30amSat, Mar 2Tele Reveil: 2023-3255 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 29:30amSat, Mar 2The Kamla Show: Ep 401: Lois Vossen, Pt 128 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 210:00amSat, Mar 2The Struggle: Foolish Politics That May Doom UNRWA29 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 210:30amSat, Mar 2The World Fusion Show: Ep 170 - Brian Shankar Adler29 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 211:00amSat, Mar 2Colores Latinos TV: Descubre A Patzun Conoce A Guatemala28 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 212:00pmSat, Mar 2Puerto Rican Voices: Ep 11 Education27 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 21:00pmSat, Mar 2Mahibere Kidusan TV: June 28, 20211 hour
Channel 96Sat, Mar 22:00pmSat, Mar 2Effort Pour Christ: June 6, 202358 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 23:00pmSat, Mar 2Tele Kreyol1 hour
Channel 96Sat, Mar 24:00pmSat, Mar 2African Ascent: July 201936 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 25:00pmSat, Mar 2Talking Trek: June 20211 hour
Channel 96Sat, Mar 26:00pmSat, Mar 2The Word by Pauline Nanton: Powerful Passages for Times of Need27 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 26:30pmSat, Mar 2OK in the Backyard: Eagle in the Attic18 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 27:00pmSat, Mar 2La Verdad Internacional: DNA of the NEws - Not memories, but sores, February 13, 202428 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 27:30pmSat, Mar 2The Faith Show: Ep 0628 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 28:00pmSat, Mar 2Tele Magazine: June 4, 20231 hour
Channel 96Sat, Mar 29:00pmSat, Mar 2Tele Anacaona de Boston: February 29,202456 minutes
Channel 96Sat, Mar 210:00pmSat, Mar 2Haitian Poetry in Three Languages, January 20201 hour
Channel 96Sat, Mar 211:00pmSat, Mar 2Tele Galaxie: Ep 152, July 12, 20231 hour
Channel 96Sun, Mar 37:00amSun, Mar 3Tele Reveil: 2023-3255 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 38:00amSun, Mar 3The Time Is Now: February 8, 202456 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 39:00amSun, Mar 3Tele Soleil59 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 310:00amSun, Mar 3Jubilation: December 14, 202030 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 310:30amSun, Mar 3International Church of God30 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 311:00amSun, Mar 3The Call: Secrets for a Happy Marriage, February 17 20231 hour
Channel 96Sun, Mar 312:00pmSun, Mar 3Effort Pour Christ: June 6, 202358 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 31:00pmSun, Mar 3Reeling: The Movie Review Show: Ep 836, February 28, 202430 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 31:30pmSun, Mar 3Eckankar: Foolish of God28 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 32:00pmSun, Mar 3Mahibere Kidusan TV: June 28, 20211 hour
Channel 96Sun, Mar 33:00pmSun, Mar 3Camera Mosaique: December 15, 20231 hour
Channel 96Sun, Mar 34:00pmSun, Mar 3ATNNE: African Television Network of New England55 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 35:00pmSun, Mar 3Tele Lakaye with Yves St. Pierre58 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 36:00pmSun, Mar 3Sidewalks Entertainment: Justin Chein and Sam Song Li29 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 36:30pmSun, Mar 3Strata: December 2023 [Mia’ animated film; Bajau ocean-dwellers]29 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 37:00pmSun, Mar 3Mass Celebration: 2nd Saturday in Lent, Feb. 24, 20241 hour
Channel 96Sun, Mar 38:00pmSun, Mar 3US Tzu Chi 360: No. 171: Jing Si rice in Supermarkets24 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 38:30pmSun, Mar 3Supreme Master TV: 01-0530 minutes
Channel 96Sun, Mar 39:00pmSun, Mar 3The Faith Show: Ep 0628 minutes