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Channel 9Fri, Mar 110:00pmFri, Mar 1The David Pakman Show1 hour
Channel 9Fri, Mar 111:00pmFri, Mar 1Free Speech TV1 hour
Channel 9Sat, Mar 212:00amSat, Mar 2Yom HaShoah: Holocaust Remembrance Day 201344 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 212:44amSat, Mar 2200th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights1 hour
Channel 9Sat, Mar 21:44amSat, Mar 2The Last Days of the Trackless Trolleys of Cambridge6 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 21:50amSat, Mar 2Crossover with Tegan Cantrell30 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 22:20amSat, Mar 2The Story Behind Her Success1 hour
Channel 9Sat, Mar 23:20amSat, Mar 2SYPP Spring 2014: Skin Color2 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 23:21amSat, Mar 2Lifting up Cambridge Womxn's History: Womxn Take the Streets1 hour 8 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 24:29amSat, Mar 2Fire at the Mormon Church4 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 24:33amSat, Mar 2Cambridge PRIDE: Looking Backward/Looking Ahead1 hour 13 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 25:46amSat, Mar 2A Historical Look at Cinematography41 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 26:27amSat, Mar 218th Annual Massachusetts 9/11 Commemoration 20191 hour 18 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 27:45amSat, Mar 2Cambridge Revelers: The Story of Caribbean Carnival1 hour 15 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 29:00amSat, Mar 2Remembering Hiroshima1 hour
Channel 9Sat, Mar 210:00amSat, Mar 2VICII: Always Cuba, History of: February 16, 20221 hour 4 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:03amSat, Mar 2Tasting History24 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:28amSat, Mar 2NSCC Liberal Studies Lecture Series: Malcolm X's Legacy1 hour
Channel 9Sat, Mar 212:28pmSat, Mar 2Shipwrecks of Cape Cod1 hour 8 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 21:36pmSat, Mar 2Massachusetts Black Excellence on the Hill - February 11th, 20201 hour 33 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 23:09pmSat, Mar 2The Importance of Civics and History with Jill Lepore In Conversation with Robin Young1 hour 5 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 24:14pmSat, Mar 2Stories from the Archives: The History of Voting In Cambridge for African Americans and Women4 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 24:18pmSat, Mar 2Women in Journalism Seminar1 hour 30 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 25:48pmSat, Mar 2Who Knows, Cambridge?43 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 26:31pmSat, Mar 2MLK Jr. Day of Service29 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 27:01pmSat, Mar 2Our Story, Part I27 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 27:28pmSat, Mar 2History Cafe: Digital Engagement1 hour 17 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 28:45pmSat, Mar 2Juneteenth Presentation1 hour 15 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 29:59pmSat, Mar 2A Few Stanzas To Our Mothers1 hour
Channel 9Sat, Mar 210:59pmSat, Mar 2ZIP Docs: The Blacksmith House4 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:02pmSat, Mar 2Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth - Solving the Mystery of WTC 715 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:17pmSat, Mar 2unPlanned: West End Museum23 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:40pmSat, Mar 2ZIP Docs: Odd Fellows Hall & Dance Complex, 20084 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:44pmSat, Mar 2The History of Ethiopia2 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:46pmSat, Mar 2ZIP Docs: East Cambridge in 18523 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:49pmSat, Mar 2ZIP Docs: Weeks Bridge, 20075 minutes
Channel 9Sat, Mar 211:54pmSat, Mar 2The Reconstruction Era4 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:00amSun, Mar 3A Guide to Flooding for Renters in Cambridge3 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:03amSun, Mar 3I Am Queen: Yanka10 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:13amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Ep 14: Teens in Politics31 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:43amSun, Mar 3A Day and Night in Cambridge6 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:50amSun, Mar 3Graffiti of Cambridge3 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:52amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Ep 01: Town Vs. Gown1 hour 32 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:25amSun, Mar 3Humans of Cambridge: Larry Aaronson7 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:32amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: Four Burgers, 20103 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:35amSun, Mar 3CRLS Early College Promo5 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:40amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: Royal Bengal, 20094 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:44amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Ep 16: Food Justice and Food Security37 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 33:21amSun, Mar 3The Cambridge Arts River Festival 20212 hours 24 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 35:44amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: The Druid Irish Pub, 20166 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 35:51amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Ep 23: Community Organizing in the Wake of Trump35 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:26amSun, Mar 3Best Spots to Study Near CCTV4 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:30amSun, Mar 3Forgotten Souls of Tory Row: Remembering the Enslaved People of Brattle Street35 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 37:05amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: Greek Corner, 20094 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 37:09amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Ep 28: The Cambridge Brand1 hour 6 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 38:15amSun, Mar 3Biking in Cambridge15 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 38:31amSun, Mar 3Homeowners Rehab Inc Documentary8 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 38:39amSun, Mar 3YWCA Awardees 202118 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 38:57amSun, Mar 3On the Street with CCTV - Heinz and Brooklyn3 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 39:00amSun, Mar 3City of Cambridge Juneteenth 2020 Celebration42 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 39:41amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Women's Homelessness35 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 310:17amSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Peace and Coexistence with Howard Zinn1 hour
Channel 9Sun, Mar 311:17amSun, Mar 3Who Knows, Cambridge?43 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:00pmSun, Mar 3I Am Queen: Hair Salon11 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:11pmSun, Mar 3Grolier Poetry Book Shop- The Last Sacred Place of Poetry36 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:47pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: Momogoose Food Truck, 20114 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:51pmSun, Mar 3Stories of Resilience: Cambridge Bicycle4 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 312:55pmSun, Mar 3unPlanned: The Foundry Building8 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 31:03pmSun, Mar 3Lifting up Cambridge Womxn's History: Womxn Take the Streets1 hour 8 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:11pmSun, Mar 3I Am Queen: Ayesha11 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 32:22pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge River Fest 1990: Caribbean Fest & Opening Ceremony1 hour
Channel 9Sun, Mar 33:22pmSun, Mar 3The Life of my Mom in Cambridge3 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 33:25pmSun, Mar 3Humans of Cambridge: Aelen Unan6 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 33:30pmSun, Mar 3Celebrating the Women of Cambridge1 hour 4 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 34:35pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Sustainability in Cambridge30 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 35:05pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge Uncovered: Ep 35: Media and the Elections 2020: a discussion of the Democratic presidential primary43 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 35:48pmSun, Mar 3Beating the Belt: How Women's Activism Helped Save a Cambridge Neighborhood9 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 35:56pmSun, Mar 3I Am Queen: Ju$t Jill11 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:08pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: Ole, 20094 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:12pmSun, Mar 3Important Places in Cambridge VLOG7 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:19pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge Bites!: Friendly Toast, 20015 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:24pmSun, Mar 3Cambridge Jazz Festival4 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:28pmSun, Mar 3Susan Fleischmann Square Reveal!1 minute
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:30pmSun, Mar 3Written in Stone: The Silent and Eerie Eloquence of Stone Structures in the Atlantic Trade26 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 36:55pmSun, Mar 3The Cambridge Arts River Festival 20212 hours 24 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 39:19pmSun, Mar 3Old Ways in New Jersey: Musicologist Bob Ramos28 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 39:47pmSun, Mar 3unPlanned: Benjamin Zander19 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 310:07pmSun, Mar 3Summer1 minute
Channel 9Sun, Mar 310:08pmSun, Mar 3Quarantine Cafe: Winter Bagels31 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Mar 310:39pmSun, Mar 3Quarantine Cafe: Buffalo Wingfield27 minutes