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Channel 9Sun, Dec 1012:00amSun, Dec 10Women's History Month: Women's Social Issues2 hours 7 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 102:06amSun, Dec 10Throwing Our Weight Around1 hour
Channel 9Sun, Dec 103:05amSun, Dec 10Women in Film & Video: Drama for TV (1989)1 hour 40 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 104:45amSun, Dec 1090.1 FM by Sean Effel and Andrew Myers19 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 105:04amSun, Dec 10Zoom: Say What?5 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 105:09amSun, Dec 10Sunday BeLive2 hours 39 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 107:49amSun, Dec 10Women's History Month: Past Present and Future2 hours 8 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 109:57amSun, Dec 10Cambridge Community Chorus In Tokyo-Dec 2002 (Tape #2)38 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1010:35amSun, Dec 10The Case For Impeachment, July 23, 200523 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1010:58amSun, Dec 10CTCNet Conference Day Two51 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:49amSun, Dec 10Ladies Against Women Against AIDS1 minute
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:51amSun, Dec 10Black History Month Contribution 19946 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:57amSun, Dec 10Ladies Against Women Against AIDS1 minute
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:58amSun, Dec 10Ladies Against Women Against AIDS1 minute
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1012:00pmSun, Dec 10Perfectly Good Music1 hour 16 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 101:15pmSun, Dec 10Hurry Up3 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 101:18pmSun, Dec 10Quarantine Cafe: Jing Wong31 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 101:49pmSun, Dec 10Doc's Jazz Show57 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 102:46pmSun, Dec 10Quarantine Cafe: Floro Sernande Jr.26 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 103:12pmSun, Dec 10Holiday Concert1 hour 23 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 104:35pmSun, Dec 10Green Heron27 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 105:02pmSun, Dec 10Quarantine Cafe: James Gilmore20 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 105:22pmSun, Dec 10Six Feet Apart Open Mic: Episode 08, July 10, 202039 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 106:01pmSun, Dec 10Quarantine Cafe: The Perfect Trip24 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 106:25pmSun, Dec 10Lost Within The Labyrinth3 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 106:28pmSun, Dec 10Summer1 minute
Channel 9Sun, Dec 106:30pmSun, Dec 10EV&N-381-Alternaties-to-Green-Rev-Technology33 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 107:02pmSun, Dec 10A Moment in Her Story: Stories from the Boston Women's Movement1 hour 32 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 108:35pmSun, Dec 10Crossover with Tegan Cantrell30 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 109:05pmSun, Dec 10Women in Journalism Seminar1 hour 30 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1010:35pmSun, Dec 10Off the Shelf: Rebels at Sea: Privateering in the American Revolutionary War29 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:04pmSun, Dec 10“Is It a Crime to Vote?” on Susan B Anthony and Ida B Wells24 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:28pmSun, Dec 10History in Lowell: Juneteenth28 minutes
Channel 9Sun, Dec 1011:55pmSun, Dec 10ZIP Docs: Odd Fellows Hall & Dance Complex, 20084 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 1112:00amMon, Dec 11Women On The Homefront58 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 1112:57amMon, Dec 11Allegations, The Making Of Allegations, Allegations Bloopers52 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 111:49amMon, Dec 11Sunday BeLives1 hour 23 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 113:12amMon, Dec 11Cambridge Responds: Solidarity March2 hours 8 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 115:19amMon, Dec 11Certified December 198855 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 116:14amMon, Dec 11History of Women's Center Takeover1 hour 13 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 117:27amMon, Dec 11Couples and Family Talk Live Special: October 14, 199731 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 117:58amMon, Dec 11Ladies Against Women Against AIDS1 minute
Channel 9Mon, Dec 118:00amMon, Dec 11Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 9Mon, Dec 119:00amMon, Dec 11The Stephanie Miller Show3 hours
Channel 9Mon, Dec 1112:00pmMon, Dec 11Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 9Mon, Dec 111:00pmMon, Dec 11CCTV Telethon: Musical Performers Part 21 hour
Channel 9Mon, Dec 112:00pmMon, Dec 11Studiolab: Ethan WL18 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 112:20pmMon, Dec 11Live Wire Sessions: Minibeast40 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 113:00pmMon, Dec 11What We Should Know with Rob Moir57 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 114:00pmMon, Dec 11Live Wire Sessions: Dei Xhrist18 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 114:20pmMon, Dec 11Live Wire Sessions: Bill T. Miller32 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 115:00pmMon, Dec 11The Caroline Show27 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 115:30pmMon, Dec 11MJ FANMAN27 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 116:00pmMon, Dec 11Richard's Variety Show with Richard Sheingold27 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 116:30pmMon, Dec 11The Populist Perspective27 minutes
Channel 9Mon, Dec 117:00pmMon, Dec 11Freq Salon: Kit Orion, Beautiful Headquarters & Clamb2 hours
Channel 9Mon, Dec 119:00pmMon, Dec 11Democracy Now!1 hour
Channel 9Mon, Dec 1110:00pmMon, Dec 11The David Pakman Show1 hour
Channel 9Mon, Dec 1111:00pmMon, Dec 11Free Speech TV1 hour
Channel 9Tue, Dec 1212:00amTue, Dec 12Cambridge Uncovered: Biotech Industry in Cambridge1 hour