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Channel 8Fri, Jun 97:00amFri, Jun 9Information Philosopher: Let's Talk Philosophy1 hour
Channel 8Fri, Jun 98:00amFri, Jun 9Women Are Here Podcast: October 202229 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 98:30amFri, Jun 9Tony's Choice: May 30, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 99:00amFri, Jun 9Kirly-Sue's Plant-Based Show: Skewers, November 15, 202125 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 99:30amFri, Jun 9White House Chronicle: May 30, 202329 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 910:00amFri, Jun 9The Call: 2023 Time for Unity, February 10, 20231 hour
Channel 8Fri, Jun 911:00amFri, Jun 9Cambridge PRIDE: Looking Backward/Looking Ahead1 hour 13 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 912:12pmFri, Jun 9Peter Valentine Memorial 202217 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 912:29pmFri, Jun 9Filipinos in America, Misidentity Mental Health8 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 912:38pmFri, Jun 9The Cambridge Housing Crisis8 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 912:45pmFri, Jun 9CCTV Gallery Artists: Beth Redmond Walsh9 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 912:54pmFri, Jun 9Trap Mosaic4 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 91:00pmFri, Jun 9All Things LGBTQ - News: May 30, 202359 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 92:00pmFri, Jun 9Brodian's Basement: Ep 57, January 9, 202359 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 93:00pmFri, Jun 9Information Philosopher: Let's Talk Philosophy1 hour
Channel 8Fri, Jun 94:00pmFri, Jun 9Sidewalks Entertainment: Carl Weber + Trey Haley29 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 94:30pmFri, Jun 9Puerto Rican Voices: Ep 14 Health27 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 95:00pmFri, Jun 9THE Conversation: Ep 3, Voter Suppression1 hour 9 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 96:30pmFri, Jun 9CCTV Telethon: Youth Media Program Podcast27 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 97:00pmFri, Jun 9Grumpy Old Men Cooking: Mexican Food, Chicken Mole & Fish Veracruz, November 2, 202119 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 97:30pmFri, Jun 9Cambridge Local First Community Conversation: with Brett Tolley, November 8, 202226 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 98:30pmFri, Jun 9CCTV Telethon: State of Community Media28 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 99:00pmFri, Jun 9New England Authors With Kameel Nasr: Ep 34 Aaron Tillman27 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 99:30pmFri, Jun 9Reeling: The Movie Review Show: Ep 816, May 24, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 910:00pmFri, Jun 9Greater Boston Paranormal TV: Ep 9 (SK Pierce)50 minutes
Channel 8Fri, Jun 911:00pmFri, Jun 9The Bounce Back: Blue Eyes Part 157 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1012:00amSat, Jun 10HoodX Television Network: Ep 4258 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 101:00amSat, Jun 10Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party: Ep 1256 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 103:00amSat, Jun 1090.1 FM by Sean Effel and Andrew Myers19 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 103:18amSat, Jun 10SVI 1997 Tape 32 hours 9 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 105:27amSat, Jun 10Her Own10 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 105:37amSat, Jun 10Certified August 200330 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:07amSat, Jun 10Black History Month Contribution 19946 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:13amSat, Jun 10Compilation Of BeLive Programs On CCTV7 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:20amSat, Jun 10 The Sushi Aesthetic8 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:28amSat, Jun 10Ladies Against Women Against AIDS1 minute
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:30amSat, Jun 10Sidewalks Entertainment: Carl Weber + Trey Haley29 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 107:00amSat, Jun 10Information Philosopher: Let's Talk Philosophy1 hour
Channel 8Sat, Jun 108:00amSat, Jun 10What's Cookin': Shahi Tukaray (bread pudding), April 10, 202326 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 108:30amSat, Jun 10Going Postal: Stamps & History: February 2017, Black History Month15 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 109:00amSat, Jun 10Bandwidth TV: (2010) Electric Mummy30 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 109:30amSat, Jun 10What's New Massachusetts?: Boston Scifi Film Fest30 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1010:00amSat, Jun 10Dead Air Live: Sharon Williams23 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1010:30amSat, Jun 10CONNECT: Addressing Loneliness in MA: Ep 12, April 202330 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:00amSat, Jun 10Kirly-Sue's Plant-Based Show: Skewers, November 15, 202125 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:30amSat, Jun 10Euro Indie Music Weekly Magazine: Ep 319, May 31, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1012:00pmSat, Jun 10Grumpy Old Men Cooking: Mexican Food, Chicken Mole & Fish Veracruz, November 2, 202119 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1012:30pmSat, Jun 10Thomas Crane Public Library Presents: Victorian Flowers We Still Love, March 21, 202246 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 102:00pmSat, Jun 10Telepathic Giraffe: Ep 6, April 4, 20221 hour 20 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 103:30pmSat, Jun 10Scholars Strategy Network: No Jargon Podcast: Ep 20629 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 104:00pmSat, Jun 10Everything AAPI with Joyce & Lily43 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 104:42pmSat, Jun 10Boston Pride Commercialized?7 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 104:49pmSat, Jun 10The Port Community Pride Day 20155 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 104:54pmSat, Jun 10Ray (Music Video)1 minute
Channel 8Sat, Jun 104:55pmSat, Jun 10Women's History Month - Laverne Cox1 minute
Channel 8Sat, Jun 104:56pmSat, Jun 10Love Has No Gender3 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 105:00pmSat, Jun 10Greater Boston Paranormal TV: Ep 9 (SK Pierce)50 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:00pmSat, Jun 10 Country Music with Houston Bernard: May 9, 202230 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 106:30pmSat, Jun 10Paltrocast: Rufus Wainwright + Jeff Valdez + Karmann Sloane29 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 107:00pmSat, Jun 10The Struggle: Pressure on Biden Gets Results29 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 107:30pmSat, Jun 10Native Voice TV: Valentin Lopez and Elias Castillo: 'Tell the Truth'29 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 108:00pmSat, Jun 10The World Fusion Show: Ep 96: Sampler 827 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 108:30pmSat, Jun 10Mister Directs Real Talk: Beer 'n Politics30 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 109:00pmSat, Jun 10Tony's Choice: May 30, 202330 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 109:30pmSat, Jun 10Money Matters TV: Ep 23-21, Goetz29 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1010:00pmSat, Jun 10FOLKED UP on CCTV: September 20191 hour 18 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:30pmSat, Jun 10Queer Love Series: Milan & Amanda6 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:35pmSat, Jun 10Cambridge Bites!: Royal Bengal, 20094 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:39pmSat, Jun 10Cambridge Bites!: Simon's Cafe, 20094 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:43pmSat, Jun 10Flora of Cambridge2 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:45pmSat, Jun 10How to Find Public Art in Cambridge1 minute
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:46pmSat, Jun 10Cambridge Bites!: The Druid Irish Pub, 20166 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:52pmSat, Jun 10Port Arts Festival 20222 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:54pmSat, Jun 10Graffiti of Cambridge3 minutes
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:57pmSat, Jun 10CCTV in the Park 20211 minute
Channel 8Sat, Jun 1011:58pmSat, Jun 10Community Media Stories: Richard Sheingold1 minute
Channel 8Sun, Jun 1112:00amSun, Jun 11Tempest Tableau: Ep 619: July 5, 20212 hours
Channel 8Sun, Jun 112:00amSun, Jun 11Who Knows, Cambridge? From Starlight Square with Mayor Siddiqui!25 minutes
Channel 8Sun, Jun 112:24amSun, Jun 11Do it Your Damn Self Youth Video Festival1 hour 28 minutes
Channel 8Sun, Jun 113:52amSun, Jun 11BeLive: [HISTORICAL] Tuesday BeLive 1 Maureen Takeuchi Cambridge Garden Letters Falling Down One by One Blooper 100698 22 hours 3 minutes
Channel 8Sun, Jun 115:55amSun, Jun 11Ladies Against Women Against AIDS1 minute
Channel 8Sun, Jun 116:00amSun, Jun 11Effort Pour Christ: April 4, 202359 minutes
Channel 8Sun, Jun 117:00amSun, Jun 11La Verdad Internacional: China- Taiwan- USA28 minutes
Channel 8Sun, Jun 117:30amSun, Jun 11What's Cookin': Shahi Tukaray (bread pudding), April 10, 202326 minutes