Ever Changing Wall Art in Central Square

Ever Changing Wall Art in Central Square

As my NeighborMedia colleague, Beverly Mire, has been documenting in her series "Why We Live Here," there are so many reasons to enjoy Cambridge. One of my favorite things about our fair city is the art all around us, including wall murals, as I have documented in my series on public art.

I've noticed over the past few months that a mural I have always enjoyed in the alley between Mass. Ave. and the Bishop Allen Drive parking lot continues to change. Some Saturdays when I walk through, I see artists working on sections; other times I notice new elements, although I'm not sure if they are new additions or if I've just noticed them that day.

In any case, thank you, artists, for keeping this alive!

Take a look and see what you think.

Are you one of the artists? Do you know if this is an organized thing or just people expressing themselves as they wish? Have you noticed this wall? Please post your comments below.


Nice slide show!

Great, Christian!