Central House/ YMCA Ribbon Cutting & Renovation Celebration

Central House/ YMCA Ribbon Cutting & Renovation Celebration

This video, produced by CCTV's Event Coverage Program, showcases the Central House/ YMCA Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and celebration of the agencies' renovations which took place on June 5.


Peace Be Unto You,

Before I began my comment,I would like to congratulate the CCTV production crew(s)and technicians responsible for the above video,on a job well done. As the video demonstrates,it was the ribbon cutting ceremony,marking the completion of repairs and rehabilitation to approximately 128 federally subsidized "Single Room Occupancy(SRO) Units at Central House,the resident wing of the Cambridge YMCA. Caritas Communities Inc.,the prime mover of the repairs and rehabilitation project,via it's established 820 SRO LCC nonprofit management group,had formed a partnership with the Cambridge YMCA,and others, to use government tax credits.etc.,to eventually finance the venture. The ribbon cutting ceremony featured presentations by Alice Wolf, Denise Simmons, Marjorie Decker, Brian Murphy, Gregory Russ, Aaron Gornstein, Anthony Fracasso, Thomas Gleason,Joseph Flatley, Peter Hollands. The presenters were politicians,bankers,developers,a housing authority CEO, and others from the shareholders/stakeholders conglomeration that were somehow directly related to the project getting off the ground.

During the earlier phase of the development, after the low income SRO residents at Central House were inconveniently informed of the ensuing, or on coming development,repair, and rehabilitation work,to be performed,by the new ownership/management partnership,I made numerous attempts to inform and remind, Caritas of the importance of Tenant/Resident Participation and Inclusion Rights,and how I felt that from day one of the planning,those affected by the proposed innovations to their domestic arrangements, and lives at Central House,should have a seat at table with those who were influencing and shaping,there future as SRO low income residents at central house. With this project,the SRO low income tenant/residents rights were being violated from day one. Government legal mandates were being violated when it came to SRO tenants inclusion in ownership/management decisions at Central House,repeatedly by the new ownership partnership consortium,in which several representatives gave presentation at the ribbon cutting ceremony. I even went on record filing numerous complaints at the office of Rep. Alice Wolf, who by the way was invited to present at the ribbon cutting ceremony, and share in the credit for the completion of the project. She didn't do a thing about the violations of SRO participation and inclusion rights.

Getting back to the ribbon cutting ceremony,it represented further evidence,pertaining to how SRO low income Central House Residents, participation and citizen inclusion rights were again violated and circumvented by the new owner partnership planners,by failing to invite SRO presenters to participate at the ribbon cutting ceremony, or members from the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) who currently are working with the Central House low income tenant population, to organize and form a Tenant Council. There is no excuse for the owner partnership negligence in continuously denying the rights of Central House SRO population, who are legally entitled to a seat at the table. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the work that was rendered, because God is my witness that the resident section of the YMCA,was over due for repairs.

You would think that Councilwoman Marjorie Decker would have stood up in support of the SRO population, after making a show of support earlier in the year. by sponsoring several public forums that indirectly related to SRO tenants rights,but instead she was there patting the owner partnership consortium on the back,and at the same time stabbing the low income tenants at Central House in the back.

Therefore,I have declared and initiated a Write-In Campaign for Public Office with the theme "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword." As a Write-In Candidate,I'm joining the election race for state legislator of the 25th Middlesex District in Cambridge,MA. The job isn't to big for me,and I don't thank I can do any worst than those that have precede me in this office.I will definitely make it a priority to work for and towards, stronger protection rights for low income tenants and human service consumers. All you have to do is Write me In,come September/November 2012. Thank you all for reading my comment.

Yours In Peace,
Mr.Hasson J. Rashid