A 2000 Corbin Sparrow for CCTV

A 2000 Corbin Sparrow for CCTV

Have you seen our sexy new car zipping around in your neighborhood?

Cambridge Community Television added a classic Corbin Sparrow three-wheeled vehicle to its fleet in April 2016. Based on the questions we have already received, here is a quick F.A.Q. about this funky little car:

Q: What is it?

The Sparrow is a single-passenger, three-wheeled, battery electric vehicle designed specifically for commuting and city driving. Since most four-passenger cars are driven with only one occupant, this "Personal Electric Vehicle" led a charge into innovative hyper efficient personal vehicles designed for use in dense urban areas. It saves gas and reduces congestion on city roads. The Sparrow was initially produced by Corbin Motors in the late 1990's and then by Myers Motors in the early 2000's.

Q: Is that a car or a motorcycle?

The manufacturer called this vehicle a micro car, the smallest classification of automobile - even smaller that the "city car" category. However, Massachusetts has no such classification and has instead registered this vehicle as a three-wheeled motorcycle. An M class motorcycle license is required to operate it.

Q: How many MPG does it get?

It's an all-electric vehicle so there is no gas consumed. Instead, after a lot of conversions to compare gas power and electric power in terms of mileage, this car gets the equivalent of 162 MPG. Comparing price of mileage, this car costs between 1 and 2 cents per mile depending on the driving conditions. Operating an electric car in Massachusetts means that its electricity comes from about 80% liquefied natural gas, 15% nuclear energy, and 5% blend of hydroelectric, wind, and coal.

Q: How fast does it go?

The speedometer has a top speed of 85 MPH. Some other owners have reported speeds of 110 MPH in track racing conditions. However, driving that fast uses battery power disproportionately and shortens the distance one can travel.

Q: Where can I get one?

The company that made this is long out of business and the remaining cars are owned by collectors. The original price tag for a new Sparrow was $14,000 in the 1990's but you'll have to settle on your own price with a private owner. This one is privately owned by one of our full time staff who has loaned the vehicle for use by CCTV.

Q: You must turn a lot of heads, huh?

A: Bingo. That's probably the reason you're here.

Keep your eyes open and catch us in transit from events, shoots, drop offs, and other television station errands. Feel free to say hello to the friendly driver and talk about the car or CCTV any time.