Cambridge Exposed... It's not pretty! -- part 3 -- Hubris

Cambridge Exposed... It's not pretty! -- part 3 -- Hubris

Since I started the petition against ARE, I have realized, more then ever, how much I'm against this development. I have realized how our councilors at large, whom are suppose to represent all cantabridgians, are utterly failing when important matters are before them. I have realized how I have been played by a very smart attorney.

But most importantly I have met a lot of my neighbors, people I would otherwise never have talked to or met. I have encountered the diversity of old and young, traditional and contemporary. During the short time I spent with each neighbor explaining, I have learned. I have rediscovered what make East Cambridge such a extraordinary place to live, its people.

I have also learned how badly we, East Cantabridgians, are represented by our councilors at large. How my neighborhood is the sacrificial lamb... squeezed between big roadways and overwhelmed by disproportionate development, a place where so few Cantabridgians travel. A perfect cash cow. As a councilors told me, an easy sacrifice for the benefit of the whole.

Alexandria Real Estate Equity Inc. rezoning petition is going to have a negative impact of, as of yet, unknown proportion. The mitigation being negotiated by our councilors at large will barely suffice to compensate for the damage this rezoning will cause. The fact that our councilors at large are even discussing such a proposal is the greatest mark of disrespect to all the people, whom spent countless hours, on the ECAPS. It is insulting.

As I now enter the fourth day of petitioning, I am more then ever energize, encouraged by the already numerous signatures, but also sad, terribly sad as I feel it will be to no avail. I have very little hope to see this petition rejected by our councilors at large. But I will keep on fighting, bloging and accumulating signatures. If you have read me till now, I urge you to do the same. I urge all of you, Cantabridgians, to act to save our neighborhood from irresponsible actions of our city Council. Tell your neighbor, call the city councilors, all of them, make yourself heard.

Only 4 days remain.

Thank you.

PS: Wanna copy of the petition? Email me: