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Apr 15, 2014 RECOLLECTIONS of the MARATHON YEAR April 15, 2013 .... it began as a one-day shock that extended into a frightening week of terror. The beginning came as two bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, with three spectators killed and over 300 injured. A couple of days later came the murder of MIT police officer Sean Collier .... and a day later the shoot-out on a residential... more
Jul 3, 2013 CCTV is hosting LIVE commentary of the Egypt uprising on Channel 96, and on the webstream at Tune in as Zagloul Ayad reports from various news sources as the situation in Egypt unfolds. more
May 9, 2013 In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings and the other tragic events that followed, the Cambridge Peace Commission, Cambridge Public Health Department, and the Riverside Trauma Center are working together to provide an opportunity for Cambridge residents to gather and share their thoughts and experiences, and to support each other. The bombings and the events that followed were traumatic. All... more
May 1, 2013 It’s hard to believe that we are approaching two weeks since the manhunt and madness of last month came to an end. Two weeks is both an incredibly long and short amount of time. It’s long in this age of digital 24-hour news, and short for those of us who felt the action hit a little too close to home. I’ve already written about my proximity to the bombings on Marathon Monday. I saw the explosions... more
Apr 29, 2013 On Sunday, April 28 I attended the CRLSstrong gathering for Cambridge Rindge and Latin School students, alumni and other community members. According to organizers, the event was held in honor of the CRLS school motto: Opportunity, Diversity, Respect, and sought to provide “a safe and open space” for the community to reflect on the Boston Marathon attack and the subsequent unfolding of events. As... more
Apr 29, 2013 CCTV is pleased to be working with Saul Tannenbaum, NeighborMedia correspondent and creator of Cambridge Happenings, to offer a fourth seminar during "Filling the News Gap in Cambridge and Beyond: Citizen Journalism and the Grassroots Media"-- a forum at the Cambridge Public Library on May 4 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The seminar, which will take place from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, will explore how non... more
Apr 25, 2013 A rally for Cambridge Rindge and Latin School students, alumni and other community members, dubbed the CRLSstrong Community Gathering, will be held on Sunday, April 28 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Joan Lorentz Park on the corner of Ellery Street and Broadway in Cambridge. The rally seeks to provide “a safe and open space” for the community to reflect on the Boston Marathon attack and the... more
Apr 24, 2013 City of Cambridge and Cambridge Black Pastors Alliance hold vigil at City Hall in observance of Boston Marathon bombing victims. more
Apr 24, 2013 Neighbors assemble at Mt. Auburn Hospital after reports that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev brought there. 4/19/13 more
Apr 23, 2013 recorded last thursday after the marathon disaster and 2 hours before the peace officer at MIT was ambushed. it's a story familiar to all, about perhaps the most famous marathoner of all. more
Apr 23, 2013 The week started on familiar ground. The sidewalk on which I walk to my dentist blown up in an act of terror. And, just as things were starting to reset to normal, Thursday night happened. It started with a tweet from a neighbor. A block of Brookline street blocked off by police and FBI, helicopters overhead. Quickly, they were gone. Being out of town, it was just a moment of disorienting... more
Apr 23, 2013 Last Monday shocking events yielded a reminder of both the fragility of human life and the enduring flame which occupies the human spirit. Last Monday, April 15, for most New Englanders marked the unofficial start to Spring and more. The Red Sox finally join the rest of Major League Baseball for home games, the Boston Marathon opens up the marathon season and Boston marks the beginning to America... more
Apr 22, 2013 A quiet library, Children are typing, They wish to be called adults But they are not. I wonder what they are thinking Or not thinking, As they sit there and type. Their heads are down. I look out the window and raise my head, It is beautiful out there. I point to the window to show them – But they keep their heads down and type They spend all their time typing, Clicking and Clacking the keys,... more
Apr 22, 2013 One week later, and five are dead, some 180 injured and an entire metropolitan area is changed forever. We all know what happened on April 15, Marathon Monday, Patriots’ Day of 2013. Two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I saw the explosions happen from about two blocks away. The chaotic moments that ensued - and the looks on people's faces as they changed from joy to... more
Apr 22, 2013 The City of Cambridge has compiled a list of resources for victims and others affected by the tragedy and tips on talking to children about it: Photo by Liz West. more
Apr 20, 2013 The Cambridge Community Chorus will join the Masterworks Chorale, Choral Arts Society, MIT Chorus, Harvard Radcliffe Chorus, Metropolitan Chorale, Chorus Pro Musica, and others from the Greater Boston area in a performance of the Brahms Requiem Sunday, April 21, 2013. The event is a benefit for those affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Proceeds will go to One... more
Apr 18, 2013 The Boston Marathon tragedy was a shock to all of us. We did not expect this to happen in Boston, specially at a fun place people were running the Marathon. At a time like this, what do we do? We must resort to the Lord for strength to carry on: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, therefore will we not fear. Though the earth be removed into the heart of the sea.... more
Apr 18, 2013 For some of us it was as if nothing really happened. After replying to anxious calls, emails, texts, Facebook posts, we turned to our preferred news sources and watched the horror, but remained strangely disconnected. Yes, on a good day Cantabridgians can walk to Boylston and Clarendon Streets in Boston, but some of us didn’t hear or see anything unusual. For some of us, the drive to make... more
Apr 17, 2013 It sounded like a clap of thunder as I passed the MIT Dome on Mass Ave, but no one around me seemed even to register the noise. I checked my surroundings: the sun was shining, people were enjoying a walk in the cool, sunny spring weather, so I relaxed. I was my way to the Marathon to meet my friends, one of whom --thanks to smart phone tracking devices-- I knew had crossed the finish line more... more
Apr 17, 2013 As ripples from the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon finish line moved through the community, the Cambridge Innovation Center issued an open invitation to any Boston startup company displaced by the tragedy to set up shop in Cambridge. Tim Rowe, CIC Founder and CEO tweeted out the invitation RU a Back Bay startup without a place to work? CIC is offering refugees free space this week, fcfs... more
Apr 17, 2013 April 15th bombings, perpetrated by misguided zealots, were an assault on both Boston and on the fraternity of runners who for 117 years have arrived for the marathon from all corners of the globe. As CIC community is connected with both populations it would be apt for those involved with the race to recall their experience in this blog . Many are already participating in fund drives and in... more