Cambridge Naturals: A Long Time Growing Natural Health Store

Cambridge Naturals: A Long Time Growing Natural Health Store

Cambridge Naturals located in Porter Square sells Natural Wellness Products

Cambridge Naturals is a natural health store located in Cambridge on 23 White Street. This store is in the Porter Square area, and provides natural wellness products such as; nutritional supplements, body care, food and many more! The business was founded in 1974, and ever since they have been striving for a better environment in our community. They also aim to partner with businesses owned by women only. All of the products seem to come with love in every package or individually, and to help care for the person purchasing it.

Both Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl are the co-founders of Cambridge Naturals. They founded the store when they were only around 23 to 24 years old. Michael is the consultant in the natural products market, while Elizabeth consults with customers on issues of health and wellness. This stores’ aim is to provide customers with the best natural wellness products to the local community, and I believe more than just the city of Cambridge.

Cambridge Naturals is a local family-owned business serving the community and are members of Cambridge Local First and Somerville Local First. They show love to their customers with the natural products they sell and much more. Cambridge Naturals also share their eight core values which represent their store as a whole. One core value I love is “curiosity” which is meant for their business to find and research new natural health products available to their local customers.

I had the opportunity of going into the store and got to speak to one of the employees. “Working here is great, what I like about it the most is how good the store smells every day,” said a woman working at the store at the time. I did not get to catch her name but she seemed like her experience working there was fun and educational with natural products. As I walked my way throughout the store, I saw that they sell regular toiletry products, medicines, and oils that are all 100% natural products.

I hope this store eventually will get more recognition for what it gives and does for the community and is excited to shop their myself.