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Online Gaming on CCTV

Online Gaming on CCTV

Normal live hot set programming includes a local community member as producer, crew and talent of a 30 minute local program, CCTV cablecasts more than 60 of such programs each week. This program, however, was produced by a local individual but the show was hosted, crewed and cast by individual participants in the online World of Warcraft gaming community, many of which were in California, Washington DC, and even Australia at the time of the show. The guild, known as Asgard on the US Gorgonnash Server in the PvP game world, raided a major enemy target (Cairne Bloodhoof) and scored a kill on the enemy leader. View the video!

This program originally appeared live on Cambridge Community Television's Channel 9 on Aug 13, 2006, at 8:30PM EST.

24 minutes / 246 MB MP4 / iPod and PSP

United States