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Mi Li, Jul 16
Join SBN as we tour ReVision Urban Farm, an urban farm that works to make healthy, culturally appropriate food accessible to the community.
BeLive! - EV&N Program - Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA), Jul 16
Eldeers Climate Action coordinates and mobilizes elder citizens to share their wisdom & experience to provide for a sustainable future.
Ella Greely, Jul 15
Catch this weekend's Marathon about the Environment!
The Cambridge Historical Society, Jul 13
On 7/24, CHS will host a History Café @ Hooper-Lee-Nichols House about the history and identities of City People and Old Cambridge People.
Mariama Ndiaye, Jul 13
The Famous Brattle Theatre
Kristina Kehrer, Jul 13
Amazon ate small businesses. Uber ate cabbies. Will “pot shops” eat your local independent pot dealer?
Hasson J. Rashid, Jul 11
Hasson J. Rashid, Jul 11
Tiny House Village for Cambridge, Massachusetts a low-cost way to house the city’s homeless population and segment!
Hasson J. Rashid, Jul 10
Give the Cambridge,MA's Homeless an Opportunity to have Clean Clothes, Maintain a Sense of Dignity and to Meet their Basic Human Needs.
Ella Greely, Jul 10
The latest in CCTV programs, this week on TV!
Rani Wise, Jul 9
Celebrate all things rose with a evening craft night / wine tasting event.
Rani Wise, Jul 9
Celebrate the vibrant flowers of summer with a tissue paper flower workshop.
Rani Wise, Jul 9
You’ll learn the basics of modern calligraphy using a traditional nib and ink
Rani Wise, Jul 9
Spend a lazy summer afternoon exploring wind-powered paper construction, making paper pinwheels, spinners, and more!
Rani Wise, Jul 9
Join Amelia & Natasha of We're Into It for a workshop to learn the basics of hand lettering with brush pens.
BeLive! - EV&N Program - Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA), Jul 8
The destructive, anti-science and ideologically driven impact of Scott Pruitt's time at EPA will be felt by all humans in the future.
Bimal Nepal , Jul 6
Please check my visual story of a rain storm in Harvard Square on Friday afternoon.
Mi Li, Jul 6
Mei Mei Restaurant's ALLocal Social menu will feature a variety of finger foods made from all locally sourced ingredients!
Mi Li, Jul 6
Mei Mei Restaurant's ALLocal Dinner menu will feature 8 - 10 family style dishes made from all locally sourced ingredients!
Kristina Kehrer, Jul 6
"Hell no, we won't go"
Susan Fleischmann, Jul 5
a discussion with City officials and business representatives
Seth Myer, Jul 5
Lives in Limbo: Immigration as a Human Rights Issue
Mi Li, Jul 5
ALLocal dinners raise awareness around the benefits and challenges of seasonal cooking and promote local agriculture and seafood, by highlig
Mi Li, Jul 5
Meet Red’s Best, a Boston based seafood wholesaler, who aggregates catch directly from over 1,000 small, independent New England fishing boa