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Jordy Brazo, Nov 10
Jordy Brazo, Nov 10
Based on the poem "Retired" by Steinar Gismeroy Olafsen.
Uche Ikpa, Nov 9
Reaching out to the unsaved is a mandate Jesus gave to the church. When the church is disobedient to this injunction, it dies.
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 9
Call your Members of Congress on November 14, 2017!
BeLive! - EV&N Program - Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA), Nov 9
"Biodiversity for a Livable Climate" is holding a conference to exchange ideas on biorestoration, soil carbon capture and climate issues.
Sean Effel, Nov 7
PRELIMINARY election results
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 6
The Commonwealth Seminar (MassCS) exists to open the doors of government to diverse leaders.
Uche Ikpa, Nov 2
God’s love destroys hate. You can have God’s love for people not like you through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 2
Elected Official Should be Working Towards Ending, Eradicating, and Preventing Homelessness as their Number One Priority!
Seth Myer, Nov 2
In Case You Missed It - October 2017
Lily Bouvier, Nov 2
Tuesday November 7 is Cambridge Municipal Election Day. New City Council and School Committee members will be selected.
Sean Effel, Nov 2
Cultural Survival Bazaar and What the Dickens!
Sean Effel, Nov 2
Deborah Mason from the Cambridge Youth Dance Company joins us to talk about their annual production of What the Dickens.
Sean Effel, Nov 2
Jess Cherofsky joined us from Cultural Survival to talk about the holiday bazaar at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in December.
Susan Fleischmann, Nov 2
Register for the kindergarten lottery in January
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 1
Lesley University, Nov 1
Lesley's 9th Annual Arts in Healthcare conference is dedicated to using the arts to promote the healing of veterans & active duty military
Julio Salado, Oct 31
The first course to address the phenomenon of "breaking even" with weight loss.
Lesley University, Oct 31
The Sankofa Lecture Series welcomes Janine de Novais on November 16 at 6PM.
Lesley University, Oct 30
Artist LaToya Ruby Frazier to give Strauch-Mosse Lecture on November 15 at 7PM.
BeLive! - EV&N Program - Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA), Oct 30
The current Republican administration has launched an all-out war against the findings of scientist in government, suppressing all it can.
Hasson J. Rashid, Oct 29
Homeless People Still Face significant Barriers to Employment, Housing, Education, and other Spheres.
Lily Bouvier, Oct 28
Made in Cambridge: What's Happening in Kendall Square? is a two-part symposium hosted by the Cambridge Historical Society
Hasson J. Rashid, Oct 26