Announcing the 2019 Candidates for CCTV's Board of Directors

Announcing the 2019 Candidates for CCTV's Board of Directors

These are the candidates for election to CCTV's Board of Directors

  • Posted on: 25 March 2019
  • By: Susan

Following are the candidates for Board of Directors.
The election will take place at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Each candidate was asked to answer the following three questions:
• Why do you want to serve on the CCTV Board of Directors?
• What is your vision for CCTV and how will you achieve it?
• What relevant experience do you bring to this position?

Candidates for full Board seats (2 seats available, 2-year terms)

Shaun Clarke

1. I’ve been involved with CCTV in a variety of capacities over the years: youth member, intern,
instructor, staff member. I’ve served on the CCTV Board of Directors for the past two years. I
care deeply about CCTV and I believe my perspective on the board can help build and
strengthen the organization.

2. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Digital and Film Production at Emerson College. I have
previously taught film production at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Massachusetts
College of Art and Design and Wentworth Institute of Technology. As a teacher and freelance
filmmaker/cinematographer, I bring knowledge of technology trends and the issues we face in
the media production industry. Because I have lived and worked in and around Cambridge for
most of my life, I have deep connections to many community members and organizations.
In 2017, I was appointed the chair of CCTV’s Mass Communication Technology committee, and
have worked closely with CCTV board members and staff members to make strategic
investments in new and emerging media production technology.

3. CCTV is a vital platform for the Cambridge community. I wouldn’t be where I am today
professionally without CCTV. There are a number of other Cambridge residents with a similar
story, and there are many more people to be served in the future. CCTV has a strong base, but
we must continue to find new opportunities to grow the organization, and new ways to serve the
communities’ needs, so that it can thrive far into the future.

Greg Moree

1. My Uncle, Joe Sakey, spearheaded the beginnings of CCTV. And I grew up with CCTV inspiration.

2. I am a lifelong resident of Cambridge and I know all the issues that face the citizens.

3. Better programming and access to information for the Citizens of Cambridge. Make it easier for Citizens to share their vision.
Advertising, Community Outreach and spreading more information about how Cambridge Citizens can become involved with CCTV.

Maurice Wilkey

1. I would like to serve on the CCTV Board of Directors because CCTV i an important organization not only for Cambridge, but for independent media outlets nationwide. Serving on CCTV's board means helping its members - giving access to improving their freedom of expression.

2. The relevant experience I have is in media creation. I am constantly trying new media and allowing myself to be exposed to creative media opportunities. I believe I best represent the members seeking new media opportunities.

3. My vision:
- Affordable access to producing media
- innovative methods to connect Cambridge citizens to news that affects their city
- Partnerships with organizations that don't have access to creating media access to CCTV
- More quicker methods of producing good quality media
- More success with the Board in 2019

Candidates for Member Representative seats (2 seats available, 1-year terms)

William Boone

I would to bring to the position of CCTV Board Member a wide range of skills and experience relevant to the position—managerial, technical, financial and strategic—as well as connections to local educational and artistic groups that could lead to content suitable for CCTV.

As the head of an international consulting firm I assisted complex companies (including AT&T, Hoffman-LaRoche, Electricité de France, M&M Mars) as well as smaller organizations to set and achieve realistic, attainable goals and to focus their efforts on activities in which they had the human, technical and financial resources to be industry leaders.

As a Professor of English and of Business Strategy in the US and in France, and during the last 20 years as a Study Group Leader at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement (HILR), I have lead dozens of different courses.

As Chair of the HILR Shakespeare Players, I have funded, produced, directed and acted in 15 Shakespeare productions. I have served as a member of the HILR Council and as member and secretary of client corporation boards, and I have lead consulting projects in the following functions: strategic planning, operations analysis, management accounting, human relations, marketing, acquisitions and new business start-ups.

Having taken many of the CCTV courses, I would like to see us prepare a series of short videos on the practical operation of CCTV equipment designed for those who have taken our introductory courses. These videos would complement the instruction in the courses by providing a detailed audio-visual presentation on how to operate the various CCTV systems along with step-by-step checklists suited to new users. My colleague Barbara Landy and I plan to propose such a set of videos as our next CCTV project.

As a lifelong teacher, I believe that we can provide an excellent service to the Community by offering access to peer-led courses on a variety of subjects. Particularly for Retired Seniors, such courses in Liberal Arts subjects can be very attractive. I and my colleagues have access to experienced, highly-qualified Study Group leaders who do not expect compensation and to committed Study Group Members in a wide range of disciplines—literature, science, social science, the arts. CCTV has the facilities to make these available to the general public. Recording at CCTV courses which are already prepared and being offered to a ready group of highly-educated study group members can bring to the CCTV audience new avenues of continuing their learning. This would be an excellent means of broadening the educational offering of CCTV, and at essentially no cost.

As head of the Shakespeare Program, I work closely with music and arts groups at HILR. We welcome the opportunity to bring to the CCTV audience performances of plays and music, both classical and contemporary, again at no cost to CCTV. We plan to reproduce our own stage production of Twelfth Night in cinema form, and we work with other arts groups that would also welcome the opportunity to join with CCTV in a similar manner to provide additional content for the CCTV audience.

I launched the financing of the Shakespeare Program with a challenge grant. Years ago, I arranged financing for the first day care facility in Williamstown, MA. I am close friends with those who provide support—financial as well as talent—for musical events and lecture series, many of which are good prospects for CCTV to broadcast.

Photo by Kate Sumbler, Creative Commons