Posted by jmc on Feb 15, 2007.

5 Tips for Blogging on CCTV’s Website

CCTV now offers free blog hosting with unique blog addresses for registered users on our site. These blogs are meant for CCTV members who are posting about what is relevant and important to them, or other members of the community who want to reach a wider audienc through our web site. If you don't have an account on our website yet, click "create account" on the left side of the browser. Here are some tips about blogging on our site:

  1. Short Attention Span Theatre: people have a short attention span while reading on the Internet. Be sensitive to this; your posts should be 3 short paragraphs or less.
  2. Link Away: a nice way to encourage people to get more in-depth information on the subject of your blog post is to include hyper-links to relevant content.
  3. Thumbnails: add a small 150x100 (approximately) picture. You can resize any photo you have here at CCTV using Photoshop. Go to open lab hours in computerCENTRAL, Sun. 4-5:30 and Mon. - Thurs. 3-6pm (non-members are welcome Sundays and Tuesdays), and an intern can help you with that. Also, when posting a blog post, there is a spot for uploading the photo directly to our site.
  4. One topic, please: successful blog posts highlight one or two interesting facts and then often link to the rest of the story or to other websites with more info.
  5. Pick a Short, Catchy Title: successful titles will show up in search engines more often as well as catch people’s attention.

In one sentence, keep your blog posts concise, add a thumbnail image, stick to one topic and dream up a catchy title.