Black History Month!...Who's who! part two?

Greeting everyone! Black history month Who's who?! continues. Recently, I had the oportunity to talk with a dazzling individual and CCTV member, who I feel deserves the opportunity to be recognized for his outstanding perserverence in his life career and life in general. So, the Angel would like to recognize at this time Jacques Fluery, the Haitian Fire Fly for Black history month. I will be interviewing him soon, and uploading the audio to soon.

Another individual I will be interviewing is a young man from Trinidad, who lives in Somerville, MA, who is an outstanding reggae artists who's goal is to change the way the young people his age, do music, or show them how to come out of the Basement venues, where they will never be discovered, and come out, into the "So called World of Babylon", and show there stuff, instead of talking about it. His name is "King I". He is working hard at SCAT to bring out his artistic flair. He is an Artist with a vision, as well as a DJ Singer working with "MassPYke Productions", working on new songs for the millinium, with producer & drummer Glen Grant & engineer and bassie, M'Taliwa from Wild Cubby studios. You can see some of King I's performances on CCTV channels: title: Angel's Productions-Rasta vibes-Part III with King I & Dubstation. We want to recognize King I for his youthful, progressive attitude, and Rasta Vibes for Black History Month Celebration 2007.
I am planning a Big Studio Shoot, hopefully in March 2007, to feature, Stanley Porter, Jacques Fluery, King-I, and possibley 2 other Artists. We will plan to interview them, and give them a chance to perform their works. I may have to schedule this over a series of dates, so if you are reading this blog, and feel like you would like to be part of this shoot. Feel free to drop me a line, so I know who you are, and what you can do, and when you are available. I need lots of help, and crew, seeing the fact that I have to be in the shoot as the host, I will not be able to be behind the scenes to do the real work. So, come on board, and fly with the angel-love to have you.


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