Our Anti-Racist Commitment

Instead of being focused on whether or not a protected class is targeted, this Anti Racism Policy is focused on racist behavior and the structures of racism themselves.

Our Commitments

  • We will take people seriously.
  • We value listening deeply, with empathy, to each other; supporting each other; and being accountable to each other.
  • We will provide multiple options for making reports.
  • We will work to resolve issues about how people are treated in the workplace whether or not there is a violation of official company policy.
  • We will look for solutions that make sense for each situation.
  • We will provide an initial follow up on complaints within 7 days and ensure communication with the employees involved.
  • We will not permit retaliation against employees for bringing forward an issue.
  • We will give our staff the tools they need to create a successful working environment.
  • We will strive to provide clarity in our company policies and in the processes related to those policies.
  • We will speak up in situations where racism occurs.