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The media we create and consume should be a reflection of who we truly are.

But the mainstream media market either misrepresents the realities and nuances inherent to Cambridge, or glosses over us altogether.

Too many of our stories have remained unheard, due to lack of access & opportunity. Too much of our art goes unseen—or never gets created in the first place—because the dominant culture drowns us out.

Cambridge is cool, and Cambridge is complicated.

In Cambridge, lifesaving bio-tech towers nudge up against (and sometimes displace) Portuguese bakeries. Hipsters bemoan the effects of gentrification over their $5 cups of single-origin coffee.

We’ve been fighting over bike lane infrastructure FOREVER, and we’re never going to stop. We can’t afford to rent or buy, but Bostonians keep swarming across the river to eat at our restaurants and rock out at our clubs.

Cambridge is beautiful and special, and deserves its own television channel (or three).

But Cambridge has got issues, girl, and those need to be talked about, too.

If only there was a network who understood...

Oh hi! Meet CCTV.

Staff 2022

Cambridge Community Television sits at the center of Cambridge (our offices are literally located in Central Square)... but the issues we’re grappling with aren’t just about Cambridge.

“Quirky” cities everywhere are grappling with similar conflicts, contradictions, and growing pains.

So, let's talk about that.

We invite Cambridge residents—or anyone in the Boston area who wants to make art and be heard—to share whatever is on their mind, whether it’s showcasing our city’s diversity and artistic brilliance, displaying your art in the Karen Aqua Gallery, or hosting a serious discussion about local politics and shaking up the powers that be.

Or everything in between.


You can read about our core values here.

Our Mission

Cambridge Community Television nurtures a strong, equitable and diverse community by providing tools and training to foster free speech, civic engagement, and creative expression.

CCTV Board of Directors
CCTV Board

Since 1988, CCTV has been both a reflection of, and an influence on, what it means to be from Cambridge.

Through our educational programs in Media Production and Foundational Technology, our award-winning television programming, and our acclaimed Youth Media Programs, we are here to make sure your voice gets heard.

We have never stopped believing in the power of this community, and will always be a welcoming space for respectful, fun, intergenerational exchanges.


CCTV is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership to serve for a term of 2 years. Each year, up to 2 people are elected to serve as Member Representatives for a term of 1 year.

Cambridge Community Television Board of Directors 2024-25

Hector Acevedo
Melinda Barbosa
Haijing Hao
Matt Landry, President
George Metzger
Emie Michaud, Member Representative
Stephanie Murphy, Clerk
Mary Beth Parker, Treasurer
Mercedes Soto, Vice President
Mike Vargas


Contact boardchair@cctvcambridge.org if you're interested in learning more!


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