Santa Celebrates with Friends

Santa Celebrates with Friends

  • Posted on: 18 December 2010
  • By: mholbrow

What does Santa do after the toys are all made and the letters are answered? He and all the other Santas go for a festive pub-crawl, of course. There's a name for this activity: the SantaCon. The local SantaCon has a website, ; other towns have them, too: Ours is billed as the Boston SantaCon, but the scheduled stops begin in Cambridge and end up in Somerville. Go figure.

These revelers were spotted just after noon on Saturday, December 18 at the corner of Albany Street and Massachusetts Avenue. They were heading for the 12:30 p.m. SantaCon meet-up at the Asgard Irish Pub.

After some refreshments at the Asgard, they (and goodness knows how many of their friends) will head for Central Square and beyond; they're expected at several spots--Tavern in the Square, Cantab Lounge, People's Republik, Plough and Stars. By 4:30 they'll be spreading out around Harvard Square--at Grafton St., Hong Kong, and/or Whitney's Cafe. Dinnertime will find them at John Harvard’s and/or Grendel's Den. Around 9:30 they'll head north (on the way home to the North Pole, you see). But they'll stop off at Davis Square and visit a few spots, like the Burren, Joshua Tree, Johnny D’s, or Underbones.

All Santas were advised to be prepared to pay cash for drinks and not to drive home.