Tango by Moonlight

Tango by Moonlight

(Photo by S Segat)

Once upon a time, the full moon meant more than vampires and werewolves.

In the old days, the full moon gave us light, music and romance.

(In the really, really old days, we are back to vampires and werewolves, but that’s another story.)

Holding on to a bygone era and promoting a graceful dance form, the Tango Society of Boston this summer is celebrating the 15th year anniversary of Tango by Moonlight.

Every full moon from May through October, the Weeks Pedestrian Bridge over the Charles River becomes the gathering place. The music is loaded onto the computer, the sun goes down over the water, the full moon comes up over the college dorms, and impromptu mini-lessons begin.

It’s all free and open to all passers-by from 7:30 pm until around 11 pm. There are no judges, no audience, no bright lights - just good music and the moonlit sky for a ceiling. Most observers eventually put down their inhibitions and join the dancers.

If you want romance, this is it!

The next opportunities to bring your neighbors to see a magical full moon evening of dancing over the Charles are Saturday, September 10th and Saturday, October 8th, 2011. Bostontango.org has more details.