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This Week on TV: New Programs Produced by CCTV

This Week on TV: New Programs Produced by CCTV

Watch, "The Story Behind Her Success," this week on CCTV!

  • Posted on: 29 April 2019
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

TTT Mentor Program 2019
The TTT Mentor Program hosted their 20th annual Project Day where students showcased the projects they have been working on with their mentors, including science projects, javascript, and math problems. The event was hosted by MIT, filmed by Avery Dwyer, and edited by Rachel Alatalo.
Wednesday 5/1 at 5PM on channel 8

Conversations on the Edge: Growing Divides in Cambridge: A Tale of 2.0 Cities
Cambridge has long been thought of as a diverse and inclusive center of knowledge and culture. Now, with a booming innovation economy, Cambridge has seen a growth in wealth, as well as a growth in poverty alongside a disappearing middle class. What can Cambridge and its leaders do to make sure that life in the city—and income, housing, and education—is equitably accessible and sustainable for all?
The event was filmed and edited by Tricia Bitetto.
Thursday 5/2 at 5PM on channel 8

Vigil for the victims of the New Zealand Mosque Attacks
Hosted by Brian Corr and the Cambridge Peace Commission, the City of Cambridge held an interfaith candlelight remembering the victims of the New Zealand Mosque attacks. The Vigil was held, March 19, 2019, in front of Cambridge City Hall. It was filmed by Avery Dwyer.
Friday 5/3 at 5PM on channel 8

The Story Behind Her Success
Harvard Square Business Association in partnership with Boston Women in Media and Entertainment present ‘Story Behind Her Success Breakfast: Protect and Serve’ Annual Women’s History Month Breakfast 2019.
Saturday 5/4 at 5PM on channel 8

Tune in this weekend for a Weekend Marathon highlighting the great Tech Community!
Friday 5/3 from 6-9PM, Saturday 5/4 from 12PM - Midnight, and Sunday 5/5 from 12PM-4PM, channel 9.

MIT Presents: "The Importance of Failure and the Incomplete Leader"
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Failure provides a crucible—an experience so profound that it forces leaders at all levels to look at themselves; examine their character, values, and behavior in a new context; and come to grips not with who they think they are, but with who they really are. In this presentation, US Air Force Capt. Christopher Berardi describes his frequent encounters with failure before, during, and after his SDM experience and discuss the value such experiences bring to his own evolution as a leader.
Saturday 5/4 at 8:15PM on channel 9

Innovation Showcase: Dart Drone Flight Academy
Jay Sugarman
Host Jay Sugarman talks with Abby Speicher, Co-Founder and CEO of DARTdrone Flight Academy. DARTdrones offers FAA certified Drone Training to hobbyists and professionals.
Sunday 5/5 at 12:15PM on channel 9