This Week on TV: What's Going on at the LilyPad?

This Week on TV: What's Going on at the LilyPad?

A look at a Cambridge musical gem in the performing arts scene.

  • Posted on: 23 March 2018
  • By: Ella

What’s Going On At The Lily Pad| Kristina Kehrer

The Lilypad from Kristina Kehrer on Vimeo.

Channel 8
Tues/Thu/Sun 8:05 PM Wed/Fri 12:05 PM
Another great piece by producer Kristina Kehrer, about the Lilypad, one of the last remaining non-corporate performance spaces in Cambridge, Mass. - a town that has been gentrified to within every each of its life.

Meet The Artist| Sara Pagiaro

Channel 8
Tues/Thu/Sun 8 PM Wed/Fri 12:00 PM
This visual treat by CCTV producer Sara Pagiaro! Artist Melissa Glick, works from the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA transforming old computer parts and recycled paper into assemblages, mosaics, tiles and clocks.

Around Harvard Square| Alain Mimran

Channel 8
Tues/Thu/Sun 7:46 PM Wed/Fri 11:46 PM
A short compilation of both photo and video, capturing fashion worn by locals in Cambridge’s very own Harvard Square.

Dear Premed Podcast Episode 3| Mary Tate

Channel 8
Tues/Thu/Sun 7 PM Wed/Fri 11:00 AM
Tune in for episode 3! Produced in a recent Podcasting course at CCTV by member Mary Tate. Dear Premed follows physicians and physicians in training as they trace their journey into medicine. Each guest writes a letter to themselves, and answers listener’s questions and share their opinions on latest news in the health world.

State Matters with Guest Brian Lynch, Mass Dept. Of Revenue| PAC TV

Channel 8
Mon 5 PM, Tue/Thu 11 AM, Fri/Sun 10 PM
Produced by our friends over at Plymouth Area Community Television, watch State Representative Matt Muratore sit down with Brian Lynch of the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue to discuss tax options for residents during tax filing season and the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.

A new episode of The Kamla Show

Channel 8
Wednesday 10:30 PM, Sunday 10:30 AM
Kamla sits down to talk to Alka Jarvis of Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley. Jarvis is the first distinguished quality engineer at Cisco and she has 30 years of experience working in software engineering. She has authored a handful of books on software engineering, quality control and customer experience. Jarvis shares her story of how she got involved in the field of software quality control even though she does not have an engineering degree. (WOMEN IN SCIENCE, SILICON VALLEY, STEM, WOMEN IN STEM)

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